“Satan has tightened his grip on humanity …and has become more aggressive.” How to protect you and your family. “I will help you to become light.” It is Unfolding before our eyes

“This century is under the power of the devil, but when the secrets that have been entrusted to you are fulfilled, his power will be destroyed. Already now he begins to lose his power and has become aggressive: he destroys marriages, raises discord between priests, creates obsessions, murderers. You must protect yourself with prayer and fasting: above all with community prayer. Take blessed symbols with you. Put them in your homes, resume the use of the holy water “.Hurry up and convert. Those who do not believe do not wait for the sign that has been announced, it will be too late. You who believe, convert and deepen your conversion “. 

The apparitions of Medjugorje are a maternal call to all the faithful, the goal of Our Lady is to convert every woman, man and child of the world before it is too late, before the point of no return arrives. The Celestial mother has stretched her hands to her children, promises them a reliable guide to a path of light that leads to the conversion “Complete” and consequently to God.


From National Geographic Magazine

Our Lady has often stressed the need for conversion (which many have experienced in Medjugorje) to be complete, not to limit herself to establishing that God exists and that in consequence of this one becomes nominally believers. In fact, the status of a believer must be sustained by a life as a believer, made up of prayer, fasting and expression of the word of God on earth.


Our Lady has entrusted each of the visionaries 10 secrets, some of them are terrible punishments for humanity, others are signs of the imminent end, we also know that one of them, the third left to Mirjana, will be permanent, an incontrovertible proof of existence of God. Thanks to that sign many will be converted, but at that point it will be too late for this the Madonna never tires of repeating:

“Hurry up and convert. Those who do not believe do not wait for the sign that has been announced, it will be too late. You who believe, convert and deepen your conversion.