The scroll of Medjugorje and the 3 notebooks – Secrets and The life of Mary

Fr. Lubicic interviewed about the Ten Medjugorje secrets.

“Can you tell us how he will do it? Our Lady has promised to leave a visible and lasting sign. What secret will it be?“

“When it comes time to reveal the first secret, ten days before, Mirjana will give me a kind of parchment, the size of an A4, on which all the secrets will be listed in detail. So I’ll read the first secret and find out what will happen after 10 days. Now my task will be to pray and fast for seven days. After these seven days it will be possible for me to disclose this information. I will have to announce what it is and when and where it will happen. Speaking with me, Mirjana pointed out that the first two secrets concern Medjugorje. They contain a warning and an important warning for the faithful of the parish of Medjugorje. If these two secrets come true, everyone will know that the visionaries have told the truth and we will have to qualify the apparitions as authentic. The third secret will be a visible sign on the hill of apparitions, the Podbrdo. All those who believed in the apparitions and on them have directed their lives, they will enjoy it a lot. But for all men it will be a sign of conversion.We must not forget that this time is a time of conversion and prayer. It is a time of spiritual purification and a time of joyful choice of God. Therefore I would like to stress once again that we must not wait to be converted. If, for example, we wait for the sign first, it may be too late for us.”h

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