Lauren Daigle: “You say I am loved, but I can’t feel a thing” … We have all been there before. Powerful video that you will not forget.

From a YOU TUBE COMMENT: Jesus saved me. I was a awful person. Living a life of crime from age 15 to 35. Been in and out of jails and prison. Today marks the day of being 12 years sober. I have had no confrontation with police not even a ticket. Once Jesus touches your heart you just want to do the right thing. The biggest gift the lord gave us was choice. Choose the person we want to be. I pray for everyone that has problems in their life. Don’t look at God is ignoring you when you pray about your problem. God is side by side with you to help you get through the battle. Jesus is your friend that will never leave your side.. God bless and may the angels in heaven shout your name in victory!