THIS MESSAGE was revealed a little earlier this year 2023

My child, my children are unprepared for a greater unraveling that is about to come. Many speak of war, yet it is the war that has taken over the hearts of men who have no conscience of the sanctity of life. It is time to arise from your slumber, My Children, and understand that the devil and his many companions seek your soul. 

Too many are complacent in silence to the evil that is going on all around them. Too many are not protecting the most innocent and place My little ones in the hands of the very enemy that seeks to destroy their soul. 

What side of the river will you be on when the earthquake comes; and the river rises and washes away its banks? Who will you call out to when darkness comes upon the earth and land that has been planted will yield no harvest because it is barren? Where will you run to when fire falls from the sky?

My Children, you must begin to pray for greater discernment, for too many have taken up company with the devil and do not realize the darkness that is lingering around them. Mankind is provoking the just hand of My Father. I ask My Children to read My words of warning and realize what I have warned for quite some time is now upon your doorstep. Sin divides, but prayer and love multiples a bountiful harvest.

My children, the world is on the precipice of great change. Never surrender to the enemy that seeks to strip you of your free will, to silence your voice that was created to proclaim the Gospel Message.

It is time to use your voice and no longer reason in fear, for fear does not come from Me, for I am Jesus. Time is short, for the world is on the precipice of great change. This world as you know it is passing away, and those who have not learned from history are soon to be standing in the midst of it.

Take heed to the Gospel Message and live it; teach your brothers and sisters in humility how to pray; come to the fountain of My Mercy and do not have prideful hearts. I come to you in love and warning

that prayer is the only vessel that will deter war. Prayer is the only vessel in which peace will come upon the world, for I am the Prince of Peace, for I am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

Who is the Catholic Mystic “Jennifer”

In April of 2001 while Jennifer was at Mass, she began to hear the words, “Come to Me.” These words continued to repeat. She wondered who was whispering in her ear, yet it did not sound like a whisper. The voice that she was hearing was a man’s voice, but very soft and gentle. After Mass she asked her husband if he heard the person speaking those words. He said, “No.” Every Sunday after that she continued to hear the same words and the closer that she came to receiving the Eucharist, the stronger the words sounded. 

On March 3rd, 2003 at 3:00 pm, Jesus said, “My child, I want you to write down this message for the world, for you are My chosen instrument. Do not fear, for fear does not come from Me, for I have been preparing you for this mission.” So, she went and got a notebook and wrote down the first message for the world. As of July 2023, she has received almost 2,000 messages. Some are personal, some are for her spiritual director and some are for the world.

In the fall of 2004, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC  met with Jennifer and her then spiritual advisor to discuss the messages. He spent several days reviewing her journals and also translated three messages that Jennifer received for Pope John Paul II into Polish.