This morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother came. I asked her, “Blessed Mother, people are waiting for the sign that God will send to the world in October.”

Our Blessed Mother said, “Tell people right now, the biggest sign is on the top of the world—what is happening between Israel and Gaza, the war that is very dangerous, and it can escalate into a very serious war and kill many innocent people.”

“I am right there to console my children, and I am pleading for them to my Son Jesus, for Him to console them and to have mercy on them.”

Blessed Mother then, holding in both her hands, was showing me pages to read, saying, “Tell people to read the prophecy in the Book of Daniel, and in there will be an explanation of what is happening now.”

“Tell people to take this message seriously, to pray and to repent.”

Comment: When our Blessed Mother says, ‘on the top of the world’, she is referring to the fact that what is happening in Israel and Gaza is the most significant event in the world right now.

About Valentina Papagna

Valentina Papagna migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955 from Slovenia after experiencing difficult times in her early years.

In 1988 two years after the sudden death of her husband, Valentina began to receive visions and messages from our Lord Jesus and Mary our Blessed  Mother. From this time on her life changed from being an average Catholic to one more devout.

Valentina is a Roman Catholic in good standing, who has the full support of her Spiritual director and parish priest, Father Valerian Jenko OFM.

She wishes to share her experiences and messages only to help people come closer to God and to grow in holiness as Jesus and Mary desire.

Now a grandmother, she lives a quiet and simple family life, seeking to avoid publicity for herself yet compelled to proclaim the messages given to her which she knows is not for herself alone.

Valentina is frequently invited into private homes wherein a prayerful family gathering she shares and witnesses to God’s blessings of peace. Many confirmations attest that lives are changed, hearts touched and people are encouraged to seek Gods grace through this witness.

How it all began (1988)

I will tell you how it all began. In 1986 my late husband … passed away. For the next 2 years I was grieving very much but also praying the sorrowful mysteries. Father Valerijan was always my consolation. He always said “go to the foot of the Cross and see how our Blessed Mother suffered for her Son. So put your suffering to Her.

I was always praying the sorrowful mystery. My mum encouraged me from my country Slovenia but still I was praying and crying because it was such a deep shock for me when my late husband suddenly died tragically on the road.

Two years after my beloved husband passed away, before Easter of 1988 I received some visitors, some relative from Melbourne, husband and wife. They came and they asked me if they could stay at my place to give me a little bit of company and I was happy to accept them. We were going to church, sharing everything together, but I never remember there being so much rain as there was that year in 1988, before Easter. It was torrential rain that went on for days and days, almost 6-7 days continuously.

So we celebrated Easter and the Resurrection of the Lord and everything. My friends decided to go back to Melbourne. They departed on Monday, the 4th April, 1988. The next morning I got up early actually, I hardly slept at all because I was still very much grieving for my late husband but I was also praying. My son went to work, I tried to do a bit of housework and chores but then I saw rain and all that I thought, what was the point to do all that when it is raining. So I went back to my bedroom and I opened my shades on the window and I sat on my bed and I said my morning prayers and them I said the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. I should have said the Glorious Mysteries because Jesus had resurrected and it was Tuesday after Easter, but to me I find comfort in the sorrowful Mysteries.

I found myself looking through the window from my bed. I was sitting there and I was watching the rain that was pouring, grey sky, very depressing. All of a sudden, I noticed it was quarter past eight and I thought to myself, what am I doing wasting time here I should be up. I was supposed to meet my friend in Merrylands. She wants me to meet her to do some shopping with her for her son who was going to get married that week. The next minute, I put legs down on the floor and as I was still sitting on the bed I heard this very, very strong sound of wind. It was really a harsh wind that was coming close to me I placed my hands over my ears as it was so loud. Yet when I looked towards the window, I could not see any trees moving, everything was standing still. The wind was coming closer and closer and closer.

The next minute, it came so close to me, the sound of this wind that it threw me down (I fell sideways, half way on my bed). I had no control, I put my right hand on the pillow and I was watching and this wind was still around me. All of a sudden in the corner of my bedroom I heard tiles from the roof moving and I said, “this is it”. I had heard that people put some kind of gas on people and they come and rob you through the roof in the house. I’d been on my own that day. Then roof begins to open, I see the opening of my ceiling, in the corner of my bedroom. I am watching but I was very peaceful. I could not move, I could only see and watch, but was aware of everything. I could see a gold glowing long light coming from far up in the sky. It was coming very fast like a lightening towards me.

The next minute, the Blessed Mother, came through the opening in the roof. She appeared exactly dressed like Our Lady of Lourdes. She had on a white dress, blue mantle and the veil I could still see how it was flowing in the air. “Oh my God I said, Blessed Mother!” I thought it must be a mistake,