In the hour of Mercy we recite these prayers of Saint Faustina

It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it is the hour of Divine Mercy: we recite these prayers of Saint Faustina for sinners, in suffering, for good death

Jesus, I always and only trust you!

santa faustina

For sinners

O God of great mercy, that You have deigned to send us Your Only Son as the greatest demonstration of love and mercy without limits, You do not reject sinners, but you have also opened to them the treasure of Your infinite mercy, to which they can draw abundantly, not just justification, but every sanctity to which the soul can come. Father of great mercy, I desire that all hearts turn with trust to Your infinite mercy.

No one can justify himself before You, unless Your unfathomable mercy accompanies you. When you reveal to us the mystery of Your mercy, eternity will not be enough to thank you for it adequately (385).

O Jesus, how poor sinners make me feel sorry! O Jesus, grant them repentance and pain; remember your painful Passion. I know Your infinite mercy. I can not bear that a soul, which cost you so much, must perish. O Jesus, give me the souls of sinners! Your mercy is on them. Take all of me, but give me souls. I want to become a sacrificial victim for sinners. The envelope of the body hides my sacrifice, since even Your Most Sacred Heart is hidden in the host, wherefore you are a living holocaust. O Jesus, transubstantiate in You, so that I may be a living Holocaust pleasing to You. I wish to repair at any time for the poor sinners […] O my Creator and Father of great mercy, I trust in You, because you are the personified Goodness (326-327).

What is and how the Feast of Divine Mercy is born

In suffering

O Ostia viva, support me in this exile, so that I can faithfully follow in the footsteps of the Savior. I do not ask you, Lord, to remove me from the cross, but I beg you to give me the strength to persevere on it. I wish to be crucified like you, or Jesus; I desire all the torments and pains you have suffered; I desire to drink the cup of bitterness to the end (486).

O my Jesus, give me the strength to bear the sufferings, so that I do not refuse to drink the cup of bitterness. Help me Yourself, so that my sacrifice may please You;do not contaminate self-love, even if it is prolonged over the years. The purity of intention It makes you welcome, always new and vital. A constant struggle, an incessant effort, this is my life, to fulfill Your holy will, but all that is in me, both misery and strength, all praise You, O Lord (570).

For the good death

O Merciful Jesus, lying on the cross, remember the hour of our death! O most merciful Heart of Jesus, open by the spear, hide me in the last hour of death. O Blood and Water, which spring from the Heart of Jesus, as the source of unfathomable mercy for me, or Jesus agonizing, hostage of mercy, mitigates the wrath of God at the hour of my death (297-298).

O my Jesus, let the last days of exile be completely in conformity with Your most holy will. I unite my sufferings, my bitterness and agony to Your Holy Passion and I offer myself for the whole world to implore the abundance of divine mercy to the souls and especially to the souls who live in our homes. I have so much trust and I entrust myself completely to Your holy wish, which is mercy itself. Your mercy will be all for me in the last hour (518)