Medjugorje Visionaries, Maria Valtorta and the Mysterious Claim: Did the Virgin Mary Encourage the Faithful to Read “The Poem of the Man God” in Order to Know Jesus?

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There are some Medjugorje followers who seem to want to deny any connection between Medjugorje and “The Poem of the Man-God” (by Maria Valtorta), likely due to the fact that it was once included on the Catholic Church’s Index of Forbidden Books. To anyone who has not studied the history of this book, it may seem justified to harbor such reserve and caution with regard to it.

After all, what more compelling sound-byte is there (in an age where sound-bytes govern our culture and media, rather than thorough scholarship) than; “It was on the Index of Forbidden Books. Stay away.”? It would not be an exaggeration to say that this “one-liner”–this single sentence alone–has discouraged thousands, if not millions of people, from reading this book. And yet, any serious scholar of Maria Valtorta will agree that it is only a half-truth; one which does not reflect the Church’s true position with regard to this book.

  It cannot be denied that the visionaries of Medjugorje have explicitly stated, on numerous occasions, that Our Lady not only permits the reading of this work, but also encourages people to read it if they want to know Jesus (see evidence below). And yet despite this, some Medjugorje followers continue to refuse to acknowledge the evidence. Well-intentioned though they may be, they nonetheless do a disservice to the apparitions and to Our Lady for their persistent denial of this truth (It should be no surprise that the greatest lies are those mixed with a little truth).

Was the Poem listed on the Index of Forbidden books? Yes. But what we fail to hear, is that it was only the first edition that was placed on the Index, and for reasons of a legal stipulation (Canon 1385), which required all private revelations to have an Imprimatur prior to publishing. What critics also fail to mention, is that in 1966, Pope Paul VI not only suppressed Canon 1385, but also abolished the Index of Forbidden Books altogether.

What is also glossed over, is the fact that the Holy ativan no prescription fedex Office later gave the publishers permission to freely distribute the second edition of the book. Nor do we hear about the fact that Pope Pius XII explicitly gave permission for the book to be published and read. It is also never mentioned that Saint Faustina’s diary was also included on the aforementioned Index, as was Alexander Dumas’ “Three Musketeers” and ” Count of Monte Cristo”, or Galileo’s writings on celestial bodies. Nor was it mentioned that the same Cardinal that was responsible for all this, was also the one who banned Padre Pio for exercising his priestly faculties.

All this and much more could be said in defense of this book. But rather than provide a lengthy rebuttal to the many misconceptions surrounding this work (and why the faithful may, in fact, read it in good conscience), it should suffice to refer our readers to a webpage which has already done the work for us; For those who would like to investigate further, we believe that this website provides a good starting point. Here is also a website with links to additional websites of study; And finally, we will also provide a link to the publisher’s website, which provides 1,000 free pages of the book online, for those who would like to review the work directly;

Vicka: “They are true. Yes, yes, true. Authentic, yes. You can read these, they are true.”
(listen to audio recording here)Marija: “You can read it.” (EWTN Interview, March 4, 1992, Archbishop Hannan Focus program)Vicka: “Yes. The Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta, ten volumes. Our Lady says The Poem of the Man-God is the truth.  Our Lady said if a person wants to know Jesus he should read Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta. That book is the truth.” (Interview with Attorney Jan Connell of the Pittsburgh Center for Peace on January 27, 1988, image1, image2)Marija: “Our Lady says The Poem of the Man-God is the truth.”  [cf. R. Laurentin, Dernieres Nouvelles de Medjugorje No 15, OEIL, 1996, p. 19]see also;

6 thoughts on “Medjugorje Visionaries, Maria Valtorta and the Mysterious Claim: Did the Virgin Mary Encourage the Faithful to Read “The Poem of the Man God” in Order to Know Jesus?

  • Dear

    Am now reading the third volume of the Poem of the Man God (renamed – the Gospel as revealed to me) but it has given me a deeper understanding of Jesus and the scared Scripture. All the scriptures are explained for instance, the Beatitudes. There is no genius who can write these books without divine revelation. No. And it can never have been from satan, considering how Jesus, talks about him in the writings. I have grown spiritually since i started reading and i very much understand most of scriptures whenever they are read. One other thing is that Jesus explains the parables and puts into context.

    i fully encourage every person to read them.

    • Thank you so much for this Nancy! <3 May God our Father continue to bless and protect you by the intercession of our beloved Mother Mary, Queen of Peace! <3

  • I have 5 volumes of this boos…”The Poem of the Man-God ” I let friends read them….

  • Great books!

  • I bought them little by little in Medjugorje – They are five volumes which I started reading in 1998 – I am now in my 11th reading – I will be reading these books all the days/nights of my life till I die. It is the most wonderful, deep, moving book on Our Lord and Our Lady. The Poem of the Man God, confirms the Bible, matches the Bible, help us to read the Bible knowing what we are reading – wonderful!
    Allpriests should read this book, all seminarians should study it, it brings heaven close to us!

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