Coronavirus Prophecy? – Catholic novelist Dean Koonts’ 1981 political thriller was about the spread of a lethal virus called ‘Wuhan 400’ “The Eye of Darkness”

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Did Dean Koonts predict Coronavirus?

Already several weeks ago some British tabloids had reported the curious analogy between the Coronavirus epidemic that broke out in China and the novel ‘The eyes of Darkness’ by the American writer Dean Koontz . Over the weeks the news of the existence of the novel has spread like wildfire on the web. On the web, the curious similarity has turned into a precognition.

Of course, there are several similarities with the current health situation: the virus is called ‘Wuhan 400’ and in the story narrated by the writer it caused a serious form of pneumonia. The rest, of course, is fantasy literary construction. One of the most shared pages on the web reads: “ A Chinese scientist named Li Chen fled to the United States, carrying a copy on disk of the most important and dangerous Chinese biological weapon of the decade . They call it ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed in their RDNA laboratories near the city of Wuhan; and it was the 400th viable strain of microorganisms created at that research center. “


A pure coincidence

First of all, the virus in the book takes that name only from 1989, the year in which the Cold War ended. Before, in fact, it was called Gorki 400, the most suitable name for the historical period. Moreover, the fact that the infection starts from Wuhan is a mere coincidence . In fact, since it is a story of political fantasy, the idea of ​​the biological weapon is almost a logical consequence. There are millions of political fictional stories in which humanity is threatened by a laboratory-created virus.

Especially in the USA, during the Cold War period, the pandemic is one of the recurring themes. The terror of a bacteriological war has even led to the birth of a zombie-movie trend . If the original of Romero could lend itself to different interpretations, the films released subsequently made explicit reference to viruses as the cause of birth of the living dead.

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