HERE IS WHY HEAVEN IS SET TO PURIFY HUMANITY (October prophecy already fulfilled)

This important article comes from the Forum of Mary

The tribulation of the End Times seems to be taking hold of the world.

For a decade the West had opted for a cultural Marxist agenda that was reversing Christian morality, with judicial, social and media penalties for those who rebel.

And then a series of events began in the world and in the Church, which reveal to us that something has changed and that we are entering the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies.

But we do not know exactly what this process will be like, how long it will last and how to analyze the accumulation of messages and prophecies that the supposed mystics, current and former, receive.

Here we will talk about the clear signs that already exist regarding the fulfillment of the prophecies, what could happen from here on in this process and how to analyze the prophecies about our time.

At the end of 2019, the coronavirus pandemic began, which involved a long confinement around the world.

And during the pandemic the World Economic Forum, the club of the most powerful, launched its globalist world reset plan , which it called the New World Order.

In February 2022, the global tribulation escalated further, when Russia invaded Ukraine , beginning a shadow confrontation between the US, NATO and its allies on the one hand, versus the new axis formed by Russia and supported by Iran. , China, North Korea.

And on October 7, 2023, it escalated even further with the war unleashed in the Holy Land, when Hamas attacked Israel and it severely counterattacked the Gaza Strip, in a conflict with very significant geopolitical and religious characteristics.

These two wars are not common, but are the clear germ of the confrontations of subsequent battles.

Meanwhile, Father Oliveira of Brazil received a vision in June 2023, which prophesied that the tribulation would escalate until it became a Great Tribulation in October , and it was fulfilled on October 7, with the Hamas attack on Israel, and perhaps it was the first current prophecy that is fulfilled with that cleansing.

While, in the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI died, the leader who held back the forces that want to reform the doctrine of the Church.

And there we saw how the battle was revealed within the Synod of Synodality, and regarding the appointment of some positions , such as that of Tucho Fernández at the head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.  

And what does all this mean?

That we are decidedly in prophetic times, and that the prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled ostensibly in the sight of all.

And what prophecies are we talking about?

Broadly speaking , Catholic prophecies announce that we are in a time when Heaven will purify humanity so that it returns to God.

And this involves taking power away from the evil one and his minions , which involves a great battle, which we call tribulation.

After which there will come a time of peace, which the Bible symbolically identifies as 1000 years, where humanity will return to faith, the Church will be more in line with its creator, and the physical world would be renewed.

And what will this tribulation period be like?

At the world level it implies wars, civil unrest, famines, epidemics, economic crises, advancement of the dictatorial procedures of governments.

And at the level of the Church it implies conflicts between those who defend the doctrine that comes from the apostles and those who want to change it to be more in tune with the world, and it could even lead to changing the formula of consecration in the masses.

There are various visionaries who have had messages about this entire process, some about a particular point, and others about longer stretches of the process, such as, for example, the so-called Marian apparitions.

But no one knows exactly what it will be like in its entire range, and we will have to see it step by step, with an open mind and take what seems convincing from each psychic and discard the rest.

Because God uses human mediations to inform humanity, in the way he pleases, and is not necessarily tied to the one who was his instrument at some point.

It seems that we are going to obtain the information fragmentarily and sometimes it will seem that there is contradiction between the visionaries.

For example, Conchita de Garabandal has said that Our Lady said that there will not be a third world war.

But many others have said that there is going to be a third world war, but they speak specifically of a great war in Europe , so in fact it would not be global in strictly geographical terms.

Alois Irlmaier, a highly respected German seer, who even prophesied the day of his own death, says that the first fuse of the third world war will begin in the Middle East, as a war of religion.

He says, “it all starts with the Jewish land and the Arabs,” which is compatible with the war that began in Israel and Gaza.

But what would trigger Russia’s massive invasion of Europe would be the assassination of three important political figures, especially the third, in the Balkans.

After which the Russians, allied with the Muslims, would invade Germany, France and Italy.

In these wars there will be neither good nor bad , but there will be two sides that God will use to purify the world, as Father Fortea expresses.

And we already know from Fatima that Russia is the agent that God chose as the regulator of punishment to the world.

And then Irlmaier speaks of a second phase, referring to eastern troops, presumably Chinese, invading the United States through Alaska. 

He says this is likely a large-scale relief attack to pin down US forces on their home continent.

And he also says that the war will not last long, about six weeks. 

And he predicted that there will be riots in Europe. Added to this, he said that the inhabitants of Paris would set fire to their own city in this period.

Now, will these predictions be correct? 

We don’t know what part of them are correct or not, if any are.

But we should keep them in mind as a possibility, while we observe the signs of reality.

Because the truth is that Irlmaier predicted in 1945 what we are experiencing now, but we do not know if he will continue to be right.

He said that first would come prosperity like never before.

An apostasy like never before would follow .

Then would come an unprecedented corruption of morals.

And a large number of foreigners would arrive in the country , he was talking about Germany.

Everyone in the West will disobey God, the bishops will fight among themselves and with the Pope. 

And in the East much blood of martyrs will flow.

The United States will fight wars in the East all the time and will never win again. 

The Virgin Mary will often come to warn.

There will be plagues that no one knows about.

In Asia, India and Latin America there will be unlimited famines.

All these things have happened.

And he also prophesied other things that did not come to pass.

He said that in the midst of the war the Great Warning will take place, which would later be prophesied in more detail at Garabandal in the 1960s.

And that the war will end when three days of darkness occur.

Irlmaier says that in the end a sign will be seen in heaven, the Crucified with his wounds.

And after all these events will come a long and happy time. 

There will be no hunger again, there will be so much food that everyone will have enough for their needs.

Those who live will be fine, but people will have to continue from where their great-grandparents started.

The climate will have changed a lot, it will be much warmer than now and the Earth will bear better fruit.

Well, up to this point we have tried to put order in the information about the prophecies that are beginning to be fulfilled, those that must be fulfilled later and how to analyze them.