The Virgin Mary Confirms that the War between Israel and Hamas is the Sign of the Tribulation 

Discernment and the Virgin Mary confirm the escalation of the tribulation.

In the month of October 2023 we have witnessed the fulfillment of the prophecies that had been communicated to two visionaries: Valentina Papagna from Australia and Father Oliveira from Brazil.

Perhaps it is the case of complex prophecies that have been fulfilled more cleanly in recent years.

The prophecies indicated that a sign of an event that was preparing in the shadows would become visible, which would cause the tribulation to escalate, and that the ascent would continue in a gradual manner.

The war unleashed between Israel and Hamas is that signal, not only because it is an event of utmost importance, and it has world leaders worried because it could set the entire Middle East on fire.

But because it also emerged unexpectedly in October 2023.

And it was especially confirmed by the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord to Valentina Papagna.

Here we will talk about the prophecies of the escalation of the tribulation in October 2023, now confirmed by reality and Heaven, and how the tribulation will continue to evolve from now on according to those prophecies.

On March 12, 2020, Father Oliveira had a vision that that year a period of trial would open in the world. 

That the next few years would be one of chaos and difficulties. 

And that the arms industry would grow and the climate of war would flourish, in a world with many economic difficulties.

Oliveira saw that there would be an apparent period of peace in quotes until 2022, but that peace would be like a false peace, for a short time, like a period of preparation.

He had a vision of military personnel meeting secretly and interpreted that in this period the first conflicts would begin, which would not be seen openly.

And he saw a great fire at the top of the terrestrial globe, in the northern hemisphere.

As the globe of vision rotated focusing on the years 2022 and 2023, he saw huge battalions marching.

Let us remember that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022.

Also in that vision of 2020 he saw that Benedict XVI would go to the Father’s house in 2022, and he actually died on December 31, 2022.

And there is a certain consensus among analysts that Benedict XVI was the katejon, who prevented or delayed the manifestation of the great evil. 

And in another turn of the globe he saw the numbers 2023 and 2024 and saw only war. He witnessed people watching war scenes on television.

Then there was a chronological jump and he saw the numbers from 2024 to 2029 pass and a great light appeared in the sky.

And he interpreted that there will be conflicts until 2029 and that in that year there would be some sign in the sky.

He saw the Japanese flag being raised and people applauding it.

This intervention by Japan was also communicated to a nun in northeastern Brazil on August 8, 2023.

Our Lord spoke to him in an internal locution, also telling him that conflicts will increase, beginning in October.

It will be the third great war, but not all nations will enter it. 

And when asked how long it would last, he told him, “it will last a few years, but it will come to an end through Japan, which through a heroic act will put an end to the Third World War.”

In May 2020, Father Oliveira had an inner locution that the Warning, prophesied in Garabandal, is approaching in the midst of the days of trial that are already on the horizon. 

And on February 26, 2022, Father Oliveira received a locution from the Lord who told him that the war had begun in 2020, although it was simply veiled, hidden. 

And that the situation was not worse because His Mother intervened. 

And that places of worship and deep devotion will withstand this time better, because His angels will be in battle array, protecting those places.

And then came the central message to Father Oliveira, on June 17, 2023, which says that the tribulation will escalate in October 2023. 

“It is in October of this year that a period of great tribulation will begin, which I had already announced when I came to France, Portugal and Spain,” the Virgin told him.

Presumably he was referring to the apparitions of La Salette, Fátima and Garabandal.  

This prophecy was fulfilled on October 7, when the Hamas attack on Israel and its response occurred, with thousands of deaths.

And then the Virgin told him that on October 13 she would give him a sign that Father Oliveira asked of him, this sign is not for us, it is private.

Father Oliveira received that personal signal on October 13, and put it to the discernment of his spiritual guide, to analyze whether it is pertinent for this private communication to be made public or not.

Therefore, there was never any prophecy about October 13th, and we do not know how word spread that an important event was going to happen on the 13th. 

And related to this, at the end of 2022 the Souls in Purgatory told Valentina Papagna that evil men are preparing a war and it is about to begin, and that until now Our Lady had contained all their evil plans.

Note that the war in Ukraine had started a long time ago, therefore, he was referring to another war.

And for his part, Our Lord told him in July 2023 that many catastrophic events, such as earthquakes, will happen in many parts of the world.

And on October 15, a large earthquake occurred in Afghanistan with more than 1,300 dead and 2,000 injured.

Then he told him, “I want to tell you that in October God will give a great sign to the world, of which everyone will be witnesses.”

This is a prophecy similar to the one Father Oliveira received.

And on October 10, 2023, Valentina told the Blessed Virgin that people were waiting for the sign that God would send to the world in October.

And Our Lady confirmed, “tell the people right now that the great sign is happening between Israel and Gaza, a very dangerous war, which can escalate into a very serious war and kill many innocent people.”

And he added,

“Tell people to take this message seriously, pray and repent.”

And on October 13 he told him in the middle of a Rosary prayer group

“Remember that the signal given to the world is in the Middle East.”

«My children, can you pray this Rosary for the Middle East? 

Now, Saint Michael and I are fighting between good and evil. “There is a lot of evil.”

And Our Lord told him that in Israel and Gaza history repeats itself, and that is what offends and hurts His Sacred Heart so much, because it is not accepted even in His Holy Land, after two thousand years.

And he added that this will continue until they finally wake up from their stubbornness, blindness and pride, and realize that He is the Only One, and no one else.

Well, that’s it for the story of the messages received by Father Oliveira and Valentina Papagna, that there was going to be a sign showing that the tribulation, which had begun in 2020, would escalate in October 2023.

We conclude that the war between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7, was that signal.

And this was later confirmed by a message from Our Lady to Valentina Papagna, along with the information that She and the Archangel Saint Michael are working on the conflict, so that it does not become even more harmful.