We are getting closer VICKA: “The Sign will appear in my lifetime. I know this with precision”

The apparitions have lasted over  40 years and from the very first days the visionaries revealed that God will send to the world a Great Sign from Heaven to prove that Our Lady is among us on earth.

Details of the great sign have been announced by the visionaries and they have all agreed that the Blessed Mother gave them permission to share some information with the world about this event which is also known to be part of the Third Secret.

This prophecy continues to be in the hearts and minds  of many of the faithful who continue to pray, wonder, and wait. With the passing of the forty year anniversary and now that the visionaries are getting older, it is worth reexamining what they have said about the “Permanent Sign.”

The visionaries have said that before the permanent sign appears, the first two secrets will come as advance warnings for the whole world and as proof that the Blessed Mother is here on earth.

Each of the visionaries have spoken of the Sign.Visionary Ivan was very carefully asked when the permanent sign from God will appear on earth. Question: “Do you know when the permanent sign is going to come?

Ivan: “Yes.Question: “Is it going to be in your lifetime?Ivan: “Yes. Vicka has perhaps had the most to say about the sign and she says she knows when the great sign will appear as well.

In an interview with Fr. Janko Bubalo, Vicka was asked detailed questions about the permanent sign.

Question: Do you know exactly when this sign will be?

Vicka: “Yes, With precision.” Question: Why is God sending this sign to earth? Vicka: To show the people that She is here among us. I’ll just say this: whoever does not believe without a sign will not believe with a sign.

And, I’ll tell you this too: woe to him who delays his conversion, waiting for the sign. I have said before that many would come to see the great sign, and perhaps, even kneel before the sign, but will, nonetheless, not believe.

Be happy that you are not among them! The Madonna  will leave a great sign here on the Mountain of the Apparitions. This sign will remain forever. It is given above all for those people who are still far away from God.

The Madonna wishes to give these people who will see the sign a last chance to believe in God. I was able to see this sign.”

Medjugorje Today Vicka Warns: “The excuses offered by non-believers are not valid….God will not intervene directly, woe to those who wait.”