The Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe manifested the fragrance of roses, the secretion of oil and an image of the Holy Family on August 14th during a Visitation at St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church in N. Palm Beach, Florida.

After praying the rosary, everyone in the church suddenly smelled the fragrance of roses.  Maria Egerton of Jensen Beach, FL, walked up to the Image and saw that the Image was visibly secreting oil from the right sleeve of Our Lady’s dress. Moreover, an image of the Holy Family was very evident in a silhouette on the sleeve, from which the oil appeared to be secreting.  Father Dan Devore, Russell Smith, the Guardian of the Image, and many others witnessed this.

After the Visitation, Russell and two volunteers wrapped the Image in the traveling quilt to move it to his home.  As the Image was brought from the church to his car, the fragrance of roses continued to be with them. This fragrance of roses continued to stay in the air in the church, to the car, in the car, and into Russell’s home.  All three people moving the Image witnessed this aroma the entire time.

One week later, on August 21st, while the Missionary Image was still at Russell’s home, he walked over to the Image and placed his hand on it with reverence and prayer. As he did this, he noticed a substance on the Image in the left upper heart area.  As he looked closer, he saw that the Image was visibly secreting oil in this area.  Russell and his wife both witnessed this.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Manifests Tears

Our Lady of Guadalupe has also manifested tears on many occasions through her Missionary Image.

On one amazing occasion, it was Christmas Eve in the cold of snowy Colchester, Vermont, in a church where the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was prominently displayed before the congregation during Mass.

The priest began his Christmas homily and noticed to his chagrin that many people were pointing at the Image and he heard a lot of murmuring. He interrupted his homily and looked towards the Image. There, to his great surprise, he saw that the people were pointing to tears flowing down from the eyes of the Missionary Image.   


The priest immediately turned back to face the congregation and was inspired to say, “Our Lady of Guadalupe is crying on the eve of her Son’s birthday for all of her children who have no birthday because they were aborted.”


The congregation got the message and some of them shed their own tears. A skeptical eyewitness later said that he thought this was all a fake. So, he went up to the Image after Mass and looked for tubes of water behind the Image or any other tricks that might have caused it to weep. He found nothing, felt the tears and said they were not tears of water, but tears of oil.


St. John Paul II once spoke about Mary’s tears. On November 6, 1994, at the dedication of the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears in Syracuse, Sicily, he said that her tears are signs testifying to her presence, her sorrow and her hope. He said,

Our Lady’s tears belong to the order of signs: they testify to the presence of the mother in the Church and in the world. They are tears of hope, which melt the hardness of hearts and open them to meeting Christ the Redeemer, source of light and peace for individuals, for families, for the whole of society.


O Lady of Tears, look with motherly goodness on the sorrow of the world! Dry the tears of the suffering, of the forgotten, of the desperate and of the victims of every violence.


Make everyone weep tears of repentance and of new life, which will open their hearts to the regenerating gift of God’s love. Make them weep tears of joy for having seen the profound tenderness of your heart. Praised be Jesus Christ!