Message of Jesus to Christina – September 7, 2023

I welcome you, My people, here today but there are some of you here in curiosity and to find fault with My messenger that I have called to be My vessel.

I desire you open your hearts, your ears and your eyes because, in your time, one year from now you will see much of the final part of the third secret of Fatima being fulfilled. You will experience false prophets come from every side, claiming messages supposed to be of Me.

There will be many who will claim a greater form of spiritual experience that will look to be of Me but it will be of the deceiver. Lucifer’s powers with those of his army have entered every space on earth and you can witness the abnormalities affecting the youth of the world who are caught up in his seduction of the flesh.

Lucifer is turning the world into a form like the pit of hell. His actions and seductions are everywhere! I tell you, people of the world, you have a deep need to destroy the work of Truth that is My Mother’s call to repentance.

You have destroyed, dissected, mocked and caused every destruction possible of My vessel. I say to all of you who have partaken in this, your weakness is great and will bring about a great desolation of My Life to you in your souls.

Humanity, O humanity, whom I have redeemed with My Life and how My Mercy was poured out upon you!

But so many need not My Mercy, rather they desire participation in the work of Lucifer and his many minions. The one world order and its many offshoots are in union with this dark power.

As I reveal this to you, I know it puts My vessel at great risk to her life.

The authorities over the world’s functions are all united and will bring about the mark of the beast which will control you and all your possessions, including even your life.

Many sick even now are left to die through lack of care but Lucifer’s work in abortion – it receives the best care.

There will be many spiritual mockeries or inventions contrived by Lucifer to deceive people. He is about to create every illusion to make you believe it is of Me.

My people, I invite you – those of you who want to hear My call – come to My Mother’s House and partake of the Fire of My Spirit to gain Wisdom that is of Me. In that way you will recognise the true from the false.

The earth’s crust is crumbling and there is much danger to the lives of many and for you people who only want to find fault and dissect My message and My messenger rather than respond to My call,

I tell you that you are entering a danger beyond your understanding. I invite those united in My Priesthood to come and receive the Fire of the Spirit so that they may partake of My Wisdom – that which they cannot avail of elsewhere and of which they will be in deep need. You need no permission to do so for it is I, and I alone, who set you free.

The darkened clouds are upon you. Obey My Commandments. Live My Word for it is Truth.

Read the seven deadly sins which are committed so widely by so many in your world every day. Pray for My little one for she is weakened by the onslaught of Lucifer and all because of your lack of response.

You have brought upon her life a cross that destroys her very existence. My people, for those of you who fail to respond – you live with its consequences.

I bless you in My Father, through Me, Jesus His Son and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God in union with My Mother’s Heart forever pleading before Me on your behalf.

(Christina could then see Jesus nailed to the Cross with Blood not flowing but spurting fitfully in blobs particularly from the wound in His side. Our Lady was kneeling beneath the cross, Her hands outstretched and tears flowing from Her eyes.)
Christina could then see many angels in the room followed by a huge angel transparent, in white light but also partially enflamed as in a fire. She was given to understand it is the angel that accompanies the Holy Spirit of God.