Medjugorje Today: Lisa sees a mysterious light descending from heaven before the apparition.. She did this one thing and it changed her life.

Lisa and the pilgrimage that changes her life

SOURCE : La Luce de Maria Transkaed by Google from Italian

At Medjugorje, one feels life changing radically, as if one had never realized that there is something more important beyond the materiality of this world. Lisa and her husband tell what happened to them.

“ After the first visit to Medjugorje , my husband came back different and I didn’t know why. He had changed and he wanted me to go with him too, back to Medjugorje

A journey that Lisa’s husband had long hoped with his wife: “ My husband hoped that going there would change me too, because I had not been educated in the faith. I went to Medjugorje for the first time in 2004 ”.

“I saw a great light come down from the sky”

But something changed inside me  during the prayer on Apparition Hill of Medjugorje –  “One evening, at the Blue Cross, there was the visionary Ivan and my husband was there in prayer with me. It was 9pm. Everyone was praying and singing, but I didn’t know what was happening.

For this I contemplated only the sky. At a certain point, I saw a great light come down, I rubbed my eyes thinking that something in me was not right .”

A strong light that descended more and more: “ I was very close to both Ivan and the cross, but I didn’t know that he should have the apparition. The light came up through the trees, on people’s heads/ The light blinked 3 times and then stopped.

Everyone was silent: I thought something was happening. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I can say that, from what moment, my life has been completely different ”- Lisa explains with joy.

That inexplicable event touched the deep chords of her heart, and opened it to her to faith. That unusual, or rather extraordinary vision, she is  convinced it was the Virgin Mary, who at that moment was descending from Heaven to reach the place where she later appeared, at the Blue Cross. The Lord allows the signs, which are a gift of grace that we receive precisely to awaken the faith in our hearts, distracted by so many things.

Lisa: “I understood that there is something more in the world”

“ I understand that there is something more to this material world that we see. I can’t explain what and how, but I know there is something. And all this has changed my outlook on the world.

If you are in Medjugorje for the first time, you do not know what is happening and what to expect, and if the prayers are too many, withdraw into solitude and meditate . You will see for yourself what you will know and you will be amazed ”- concludes Lisa.

Source: Ed Mir, Medjugorje