“Who launched the coronavirus? It’s Satan!” Sister Emmanuel -“This tragedy is touching the whole.” Sr. Emmanuel reveals why the devil is so aggressive at this time.

Who does everything to make the Eucharist and the real Presence of Christ disappear among us? And he! Who sows a general panic among the people? And he! Who wants to wipe humanity from the face of the earth? It is Satan, the murderer who, “like a roaring lion, goes around looking for someone to devour” (1Pt 5,8)! Who wants to convince man that God has abandoned him?

He is Satan, always jealous of man! Who made a civilization appear without God, where earthly well-being would be endless happiness? “. He is still the prince of lies!

For Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje every soul will see how God sees it and for many it will be tremendous.

The Secrets, a series of signs and events that will concern Medjugorje, the Church and the whole world, have already been entrusted to the visionaries and will be revealed to the world through a priest each three days before it happens. The imminent Time of Secrets will be a huge manifestation of God’s mercy. Men will be placed before a choice.

It will be a dramatic time that will reveal things and hearts. Evil will show its claws and its fierce face. The Good will demand the test of faith.

I could go on and on. But the message is clearer than ever: behind these situations so dramatic and these agonies that the children of God are forced to suffer today, there is God who has his plan! Only He can transform evil into good and is already doing it.

Dear brothers and sisters, the tragedy that is touching the whole world will not have the last word, it will pass! 

It’s up to us to watch and make it last less. We have the simplest and most ingenious instructions for use, those taught by Mary, our Mother, with so much patience for almost 39 years in Medjugorje. In them we find all the answers for the current situation!

Where does the evil come from? How to fight it? How to win it? How can we transform our Via Crucis into a journey of joy? We know, among other things, that by combining our sufferings with those of Jesus in his Passion, they become the cause of great blessings. Then there are co-redemptive sufferings, like those of Mary, the Coredemptrix par excellence. So it depends largely on us what will happen.

The world is under attack and Mystic Post is facing real difficulties right now.

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We work very hard for Our Lady every day.

Satan is attacking her plans for peace and salvation for the world like never before.

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