“I would like testify to the reality of Medjugorje” …Man sees face of Our Lady in Visionary’s eyes during apparition

I would like to testify to the reality of Medjugorje. Ivan, one of the visionaries, lived in Boston. I had brought myself  to a mass in which he was there. Through his eyes I saw bright blue eyes. During his conversation with Mary, I saw the hem of her garment of her right arm moving while conversing with Ivan. Then as the conversation was finished, Ivan turned towards us and I saw her face through his face. This is my testimony – Stephen Byrnes

This testimony was submitted to Mystic Post today Dec 7, 2018 . We are happy to publish it here for your discernment.

“The most incredible up close Video of Medjugorje Apparition with Ivan”…

(note – the video below is not associated with the testimony above. We do think this is an incredibly powerful video of a Marian apparition and worth watching)