Father Rodrigue end self-isolation – The apostle of the end times – Will his 10 Prophecies of doom ever occur

Daniel Oconner has received a letter Fr. Michel Rodrigue about a message he received from St. Gabriel the Archangel in March of this year. He thinks it is his “last message for the world,” and it pertains to December 8th, 2021. 

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New Prophecy from Father Michel

Fr. Michel Rodrigue, the so-called apostle of the endtimes has said, under no uncertain terms, that God the Father has spoken to him and has revealed to him the future of the world.

The Canadian priest has provided very detailed prophecies concerning the end of days. In addition to the prophecies, Father Michel provides details on how to prepare for these events.

At the height of the pandemic Father Michael became an international sensation with his dramatic revelations about major events that would soon unfold across the globe. The events would be in the form of chastisement that would strike humanity as punishments for its sinful ways.

What follows is a list of ten of Father Rodrigue’s most alarming predictions. On a number of websites, it was reported that these prophecies would begin to unfold after 2019.


  1. There will be a warning where:

The whole world will see Jesus on the Cross in the sky with rays coming from his sacred wound where blood and water gushed forth as a font of mercy for us.


2.There will be political collapse.



3.There will be the “Illumination of conscience  Every soul will see their life sins that have not been confessed. If a soul is currently on its way to purgatory, hell or heaven they will experience this. 


4. Small tongues of fire will land on every soul during this process which will last about 15 minutes. Every soul will encounter Our Blessed Lord.


5. After this event mankind will have 6 weeks of calm to get to confession and make a decision before the major tribulations occur.. All people will be shown the truth of Christ’s One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Priests will spend day and night in the confessional.


6. Once the Warning happens TVs must be thrown out. The media will tell people that this event had to do with the rays and radiation of the sun. That will be a lie. Christians will not be able to use any communication technology such as computers and smart phones. All tech will be used against Christians.


7. The one world order will commence immediately and the army for the one world order is already in place waiting orders


8. After the 6 week relief nuclear war will happen and 7 nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the US as a result of abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America does pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. He claims this was told to him by the Eternal Father.

9. The Antichrist will take his throne within the false church, and will reign from within “the church” in the seat of Peter, the pope.There will be a required mark to buy and sell and those who do not take it will be rounded up. 

10. This will all precede the Three Days of Darkness.