New Message: Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on January 20th, 2021:”My Son’s Church is in danger — flippancy attracts evil. Evil is advancing like a shadow that darkens the Earth’

Source: Count Down to the Kingdom

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: You are my beloved children, whom my Son gave me from the Cross. You find yourselves in times of confusion, uncertainty and waiting. Who will continue on the way? My children who trust in the Divine Will. My children who are sure that My Son is not going to abandon them and sure that this Mother will not abandon them.
Each one of you goes forward with assurance, as what has been announced by the Most Holy Trinity keeps you confident that nothing happens without being revealed beforehand, so that you would prepare, would not get lost and would be able to save your souls.
Without Love, humanity cannot reach Eternal Life…
Without Faith, humanity builds on quicksand…
Without Hope, humanity is collapsing, faced with the continuous uncertainty of this time…
Without Charity towards themselves and towards their neighbor, human beings cannot advance on the spiritual path.
It is this time that has been announced, not another, leading you to be purified. You must therefore grow in love towards yourselves and your neighbor; you must grow in faith, in hope, in charity.
Children: Watch out for the learned whose hearts are empty, those who are literate but do not know the Word of Divine Love. Watch out for those who call themselves Christians yet who despise the cross, who claim to be followers of My Son and yet despise their brothers and sisters. Watch out for those who like being actors and not spectators, since the world is filled with these people. Follow my Son: do not reject him, do not leave Him in order to follow those who do not believe in Him or who are mistaken interpreters of the Divine Word: these children of mine will lead you to lose Eternal Life if you do not wake up now!
You receive the Divine Food, which is prolonged within you: I therefore call you to remain in a state of grace. Fight against sin, remain vigilant in order not to fall. Walk without grieving the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30); call Him and He will help and provide you with the strength necessary for you to remain firm and watchful, seeing the enemy from afar so that he will not surprise you. How many of you, children of My Heart, have taken steps on a path that does not lead you towards Eternal Life, but which are steps diverted towards evil? Take care with your fellow men, My children: love them above yourselves, as those who love their brother or sister love themselves, and those who do not love themselves cannot possibly love their neighbor.
Keep your spiritual senses in a state of alert. This time is serious and difficult, and if you do not continually guard your personal walk, some of My children, who have not managed to descend from the pedestal of their human ego, will lead you to be their servants and not those of My Son.
At this moment the waters are stirred up, but My Son is accompanying you in your personal boat so that you might row safely in the middle of the rough sea. Be prudent and pray: My Son’s Church is in danger — flippancy attracts evil. Evil is advancing like a shadow that darkens the Earth’s atmosphere, darkening those who are not fully prepared to be faithful to My Son.
I have called you as a Mother so that pride would be voluntarily eliminated; I have called you to look within yourselves, knowing the smallness of every human being, and yet I am not heard. I will wait for you until the final breath of your lives so that you would acknowledge that you are sinners.
Beloved children, pray in and out of season, pray with the heart, knowing that in prayer you will find charity towards your neighbour, forgiveness and devotion. Pray with the Love of My Son towards your brothers and sisters; pray, being creatures of good. Do not be impetuous, but conciliatory; do not be judges of your brothers and sisters, but be ready to help those who need it; that which you describe as a bad action or work when you see it in your brother is what pervades yourselves.
Beloved children of My Heart, disease is progressing, the tentacles of the devil are advancing and exerting power over humanity, which is oblivious to what it is experiencing.
Pray, My children, pray: the Eagle will go into chaos.
Pray, My children, pray: France will be prey to invaders.
Pray, My children, pray: great volcanoes will pour out their magma. Man will view it as a spectacle, Heaven will groan.
Pray, My children, pray, the Ring of fire will shake forcefully from one place to another.
My children, you must continue to pray and to put prayer into practice. Attend the celebration of the Eucharist, repent of your bad acts and works, as the unexpected will come like the wind.
I am your Mother: I will not abandon you. I am your Mother: I protect you, do not fear. I bless you: take refuge in My Immaculate Heart.
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters:

Our Mother watches over her Son’s People. Our Mother repeats her call to us to pray. As she explained to me: “To pray with the heart is to meditate on each word that is uttered, feeling it in your heart, living it and helping your brother and  sister in their needs.” This is not about repetitive words, which is why we are told to practice prayer by being charitable, generous, kind and maintaining the attitude of her Son with prudence, kindness and respect for our neighbor. Our Lord fed the hungry, helped the needy and healed the sick while he was preaching… Prayer must be fulfilled in action.

At the same time our Mother alerts us concerning what we are experiencing and how everything will progress until humanity falls prey to the World Order. Let us keep trusting in the Words of our Mother: “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”



Why Luz de Maria de Bonilla?

The following is adapted from the best-selling book, THE WARNING: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience.

Luz de María de Bonilla is a Catholic mystic, stigmatist, wife, mother, Third Order Augustinian, and prophet from Costa Rica, currently residing in Argentina. She grew up in a very religious home with great devotion to the Eucharist, and as a child, experienced heavenly visits from her guardian angel and the Blessed mother, whom she considered her companions and confidants. In 1990, she received a miraculous healing from an illness, coinciding with both a visitation from the Blessed Mother and a new and more public calling to share her mystical experiences. Soon she would fall into profound ecstasy not only in the presence of her family—her husband and eight children, but also of people close to her who began to gather to pray; and they, in turn, formed a prayer cenacle, which accompanies her to this day.

After years of abandoning herself to the will of God, Luz de María began to suffer the pain of the Cross, which she carries in her body and soul. This first happened, she shared, on Good Friday: “Our Lord asked me if I wanted to participate in His sufferings. I answered affirmatively, and then after a day of continuous prayer, that night, Christ appeared to me on the Cross and shared His wounds. It was indescribable pain, although I know that however painful it may be, it is not the totality of the pain that Christ continues to suffer for humanity.” ((“Revelamos Quen Es la Vidente Luz de María,” Foros de la Virgen María, accessed July 13, 2019,

It was on March 19 of 1992, that the Blessed Mother began to speak regularly to Luz de María. Since then, she has mostly received two messages per week and on occasion, only one. The messages originally came as internal locutions, followed by visions of Mary, who came to describe Luz de María’s mission. “I had never seen so much beauty,” Luz said of Mary’s appearance. “It’s something you can never get used to. Each time is like the first.”