How the Church Hierarchy Silenced “Germany’s Fatima” – the Hidden Truth about Heroldsbach!

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What happened in Heroldsbach: German Fatima Silenced by the Apostasy of the Hierarchy.

At a time when the Tucho Fernández dicastery has launched a new instruction to evaluate Marian apparitions, which tries to make them even more invisible, it is worth remembering one of the cases, in which the recognition of an apparition has been sabotaged for ideological reasons. modernists.

Reasons to which these new instructions are not unrelated, but are of their own stamp.

Here we will talk about the appearances of Heroldsbach in the already incipiently apostate Germany of 1950.

We will describe what happened in them, and the miracles that were witnessed by thousands of witnesses.

And we will talk about the discoveries of Dr. Michael Hessemann, when the archives of Pius XII’s pontificate were opened in 2020.

And he found that the bishop misinformed Rome, because the Protestants convinced him that it was a theological error to pay attention to children who claimed to see the Virgin, and also he did not want to have another Fatima in Germany.

Between October 1949 and October 1952, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary as “Queen of Roses” took place in the small town of Heroldsbach, in Bavaria, Germany.

The main viewers were four girls between 10 and 11 years old.

But there were three hundred other people who testified to the apparitions.

Even the city priest welcomed these phenomena.

Miracles, visions and prophecies were manifested in Heroldsbach.

And the messages insisted on prayer, penance and urgent conversion.

On October 9, 1949, the girls were collecting leaves for art classes.

They were very pious and prayed the rosary every day. 

And suddenly, one of them saw the three letters IHS, which is the Holy Name of Jesus, in green, in front of a forest.

And suddenly, a little higher up, a lady dressed in white with a black rosary appeared.

In the following days they returned and Our Lady always appeared. 

Then several more children came and also saw her.

The local parish priest told them to use holy water and sprinkle it to see if it was still there, and sure enough, it was still there.

And then he asked them to ask: have you been taken to heaven with your body? 

And the answer was “Yes, but I remained the little maid.”

The first messages were to pray a lot and that there is a danger of war. 

We are talking about 1949, in the Cold War, and a year later the Korean War began.

Many supernatural events happened.

The miracle of the sun on December 8, 1949.

The vision of the manger on Christmas Eve of 1949 and 1951.

Special lighting effects.

The children were able to touch and feel the apparition by touch.

And they glimpsed the sky and saw the Holy Trinity, which they said was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Ten thousand pilgrims saw the Miracle of the Sun.

And there were 5 priests among the people, who testified.

They saw how the sun evolved towards them, with a crown inside and the Virgin and Child inside. 

She approached and backed away again. She got closer to about 4 meters. 

The phenomenon lasted ½ to ¾ of an hour.

And they say it was seen within a 45 kilometer radius.  

It was similar to Fatima because it happened on a very rainy day and suddenly the ground dried out. 

Everyone felt the heat as the sun rotated and approached in three stages, and people knelt believing it was the end of the world.

The Virgin would then say: “I did it because there are many unbelievers, so that they also believe.”  

That Christmas the children had very beautiful visions of the birth of Our Lord and then of the Passion of Christ.

Our Lady approached to a meter away, she almost stepped on the ground, there was a cloud under her feet and she allowed the children to touch her.

And they invited other children and also adults to touch it, some felt it.

In one case, the children asked her to bless a rosary. She took the rosary in her hands, and they all saw a rosary floating three feet up, and then slowly lowering into the children’s hands. 

Sometimes children were invited to kneel and make a kneeling procession.

Their knees were bleeding and the doctor said it would take weeks to heal.

But the next morning, the knees were completely healed. This happened at least 30 times.

And Mary gave this instruction: “The people should do more penance and pray intensely.

During Christmas time the people will especially honor the Holy Family, they will pray the rosary every day, accompanied by devotion to the Heart of Mary.”  

And about the end of the apparitions She said: “You must always keep your eyes on the Virgin, the Child Jesus and the saints.

They should never give in to the body and its senses.

In the Judgment everything will be revealed, good and evil.

The sky has opened over this place, but it will soon close again.”

And She also added: “People have not done what I have asked of them. They should repent and they haven’t. 

There is only one who can stop the punishment, this is the Savior, Jesus Christ. 

He will avert disaster, when the majority of believers truly repent and promise improvement. 

Great famine and misfortunes will come.”  

And She taught them a prayer: “O Mary, let us be under your mantle. It is the house where we cannot perish.” 

The final appearance occurred on October 31, 1952.

Our Lady appeared with the Child Jesus, as promised, and said: “We have not come to perform miracles, but to insist on prayer and atonement. 

Continue praying on this hill even when we no longer appear.”

Then the girls saw hundreds of angels and saints.

And María ended with the message: “Victory will be ours! My words and those of My beloved Son have not been followed, and that is what we have claimed for the salvation of all. 

It is the last call we have addressed to you. “Pray a lot for the priests, so that they kneel and pray with you.”  

However, despite the accumulation of witnessed miracles, the phenomena were not recognized by the Church.

The pilgrimage was officially banned by the Bishop, because he said that Protestants were making fun of them by saying that they could not listen to little children being taught theology.

They said it was too supernatural and they didn’t like it, so they tried to destroy it.

But in 2020, when Francis opened the archives of Pius XII’s pontificate, historian Dr. Michael Hessemann discovered hundreds of pages of documents about Heroldsbach. 

And he confirmed that there was a deliberate attempt to manipulate Rome with disinformation about Heroldsbach, because they did not want her to become a German Fatima.

The apostasy in the German Church had been going on for some decades.

But he has had other recognitions.

Once, a group of German pilgrims went to see Padre Pio and he told them: “You are from Germany, from Bavaria, what are you doing here in the south of Italy? Our Lady of the Roses appears in Heroldsbach and you come here. Go there, She will hear your prayers.”

And Carlo Acutis, in his exposition on the Marian apparitions, deliberately included Heroldsbach, because he had the feeling that it was authentic.

Devotion to Our Lady of the Roses survived among the people despite attempts to destroy it, and today Heroldsbach is a prayer center recognized by the Church, for the veneration of the Mother of God.

And there is a movement for the Church to reconsider its negative judgment.

Well, that’s it, we wanted to talk about the sobering lessons of what happened in the Heroldsbach apparitions.

And I would like to ask you if you think that there is a majority tendency among bishops to not believe in Marian apparitions or that they are generally fair-minded.

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