here is the story of the scroll or the “Parchment on which all 10 secrets are written. What follows are from Mirjana’s own words from her book: “My Heart Will Triumph”

“(Our Lady) handed me something similar to a rolled parchment, explaining that all ten secrets were written there, and that I should show it to the priest I had chosen to reveal them when the time would come. I took it in my hand without looking at it…”

“I realized that I was still holding the roll he had given me. Having always seen Our Lady as I see any human being, it was natural to take an object of hers from her hand, as I would have done with anyone; now that the apparition was over, I was amazed to see that scroll still in my hands. What happened? I wondered. Why am I holding an item from Heaven in my hand? Like so many events that occurred in the previous eighteen months, I could only consider it a mystery of God.

The beige colored scroll was constructed from a parchment-like material – not quite paper or fabric, somewhere in between. I unfolded it carefully and found the ten secrets written in elegant calligraphy, in cursive. There were no decorations or illustrations: each secret was written in simple and clear words, similar to those used by Our Lady when she explained them to me the first time. The secrets were not numbered, but reported in order, one after the other: the first, written above and the last, below; each event with its respective date.

At that moment, however, I was too sad to think about the future…”

“When the news arrived in Medjugorje that I no longer had the daily apparitions, everyone was amazed. The most disparate hypotheses about the secrets began to circulate; I, however, was very careful not to miss any details about their content and when they would occur. I even wondered if we seers should mention having received them; people often seemed more interested in secrets than messages.

The fact that Our Lady had entrusted me with the secrets had caused me a lot of pressure and anxiety. Over time, however, God had helped me to understand and accept everything…”

“I unrolled the parchment and placed it among my important documents, but I was always worried that someone might find and read it. One day while my cousin and a friend were at our house, something made me show it to them. At first I resisted, then the sensation became irresistible; I took the parchment out of hiding. She my cousin held it in her hand and she said she saw something like a prayer or a poem. My friend, on the other hand, said she saw a letter in which a person asked for help. Neither of them had seen the same thing; I realized that only I could read what was written there. Probably this episode had happened to give me peace: from that day on, in fact, I never thought about it or worried about it again. Our Lady never spoke of this…”

This famous parchment will appear again on page 274. In fact, Mirjana writes this way: “One day a UN soldier came to our house. “We found your apartment in Sarajevo (the city had been devastated, many houses had been gutted by bombs…), he said, and handed me a package containing our documents. Among them was the parchment.” (sic!) Now it will certainly be well hidden in Medjugorje, in some hiding place in Mirjana’s house.

There are many interventions on secrets by Mirjana. I would just like to report this:

“I feel sorry for those who ask me dark questions about biblical catastrophes or the end of the world. There are those who believe that secrets are all bad. Maybe they have a guilty conscience: thinking about how they lived their life, they fear a punishment from God, or maybe they don’t have much goodness inside them and expect bad things. But you can’t change anything by being worried about secrets. Everyone should be concerned only with changing themselves.

They ask me how I bear the weight of secrets, but I think it is others, more than me personally, who are concerned. Those who worry about secrets have not seen Our Lady and she does not know all of God’s plan – why Our Lady comes here or what she is preparing us for. But if your life is in her hands, and God is in your heart, what can harm you?

If they knew me and saw how much I love to laugh and joke, no one would be afraid of secrets anymore. Those who truly know God’s love are filled with joy. It makes no sense to talk about the future when one of us could die tomorrow as well. (It would be interesting to read the episode told by Mirjana on page 335 below). Our Lady always reminds us of this in her messages, such as when she said: “My children, your life is only a heartbeat compared to eternal life.”

I can’t reveal much about the secrets, but I can say this: Our Lady has decided to change the world. She did not come to announce our destruction, but to save us, and she, with her Son, will triumph over evil.