When our soul adores the Holy Trinity

If we want that our souls have life and have it abundantly (see John 10:10) we are to reserve the first place to the Most Holy Trinity. If we are true to God and ourselves we ardently and desperately feel this need to adore Him with our complete being, mind, body and soul.

Our souls are the sacred temples and tabernacles wherein God is to be met. In that deepest recesses of our being the Holy Spirit teaches us what Mercy really is. St Faustina has interesting comment to make on this fact in her Diary when she writes on August 1, 1925 in Warsaw:  

I am to write down the encounters of my soul with You, O God, at the moments of Your special visitations. I am to write about You, O Incomprehensible in mercy towards my poor soul. Your holy will is the life of my soul. I have received this order through him who is for me Your representative here on earth, who interprets Your holy Will to me. Jesus, You see how difficult it is for me to write, how unable I am to put down clearly what I experience in my soul. O God, can a pen write down that for which many a time there are no words? But You give the order to write, O God; that is enough for me.

It is interesting to see what some saints have to say on this point. For instance, St Seraphim of Sarov said: In spite of our sinfulness, in spite of the darkness surrounding our souls, the Grace of the Holy Spirit, conferred by baptism in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, still shines in our hearts with the inextinguishable light of Christ … and when the sinner turns to the way of repentance the light smooths away every trace of the sins committed, clothing the former sinner in the garments of incorruption, spun of the Grace of the Holy Spirit. It is this acquisition of the Holy Spirit about which I have been speaking.

The great Italian mystic, St Catherine of Siena thus prayed to the Holy Trinity: O Trinity, eternal Trinity! Fire, abyss of love …Was it necessary that you should give even the Holy Trinity as food for souls? You gave us not only your Word through the Redemption and in the Eucharist, but you also gave yourself in the fullness of love for your creature.

Again, St Faustina, in entry 911 of her Diary shared the following reflection with us: On one occasion God’s presence pervaded my whole being, and my mind was mysteriously enlightened in respect to His Essence. He allowed me to understand His interior life. In spirit I saw the Three Divine Persons, but Their Essence was One. He is One, and One only, but in Three Persons; none of Them is either greater or smaller; there is no difference in either beauty or sanctity, for They are One. They are absolutely One. His Love transported me into this knowledge and united me with Himself. When I was united to One, I was equally united to the Second and to the Third in such a way that when we are united with One, by that very fact, we are equally united to the Two Persons in the same way as with the One. Their will is One, One God, though in Three Persons. 

When One of the Three Persons communicates with a soul, by the power of that one will, it finds itself united with the Three Persons and is inundated in the happiness flowing from the Most Holy Trinity, the same happiness that nourishes the saints. This same happiness that streams from the Most Holy Trinity makes all creation happy; from it springs that life which vivifies and bestows all life which takes its beginning from Him. In these moments, my soul experienced such great delights that I find this difficult to express (Diary, 911).

Let us spend time in the silence of our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to take us to Jesus and the Father. It is He who can open for us the inexhaustible treasures of the indwelling Trinity who lives within our soul.

Most Holy Trinity, yours are my love and complete adoration of You while You are dwelling in my soul.  Help me entrust myself into Yourself and let You unite me with you forever.  Open and fill my heart with Your love to love You with all my heart, soul and strength each and every second of my life. Jesus I entrust this prayer into Your hands as I pray to You: JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! AMEN.

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap