Before the Visible Sign is Given to Mankind There will Be Three Warnings for The World

During the apparition of December 25, 1982, according to Mirjana, the Madonna confided to her the tenth and last secret, and revealed to her, the dates in which the different secrets will be realized. The Blessed Virgin revealed to Mirjana some aspects of the future, up to this point, in greater detail than to the other seers. For this reason, I am reporting here what Mirjana told me in a conversation of November 5, 1983. I summarized the essentials of her account, without literal quotation. Mirjana told me:

Before the visible sign is given to mankind, there will be three warnings to the world. The warnings will be in the form of events on earth. Mirjana will be a witness to them. Ten days before one of the admonitions, Mirjana will notify a priest of her choice. The witness of Mirjana will be a confirmation of the apparitions and a stimulus for the conversion of the world.

After the admonitions, the visible sign will appear on the site of the apparitions in Medjugorje for all the world to see. The sign will be given as a testimony to the apparitions and in order to call people back to faith.

The ninth and tenth secrets are serious. They concern chastisement for the sins of the world. Punishment is inevitable, for we cannot expect the whole world to be converted. The punishment can be diminished by prayer and penance, but it cannot be eliminated. Mirjana says that one of the evils that threatened the world, the one contained in the seventh secret, has been averted thanks to prayer and fasting. That is why the Blessed Virgin continues to encourage prayer and fasting: “You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature.”

After the first admonition, the others will follow in a rather short time. Thus, people will have some time for conversion.

That interval will be a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign appears, those who are still alive will have little time for conversion. For that reason, the Blessed Virgin invites us to urgent conversion and reconciliation.

The invitation to prayer and penance is meant to avert evil and war, but most of all to save souls.

According to Mirjana, the events predicted by the Blessed Virgin are near. By virtue of this experience, Mirjana proclaims to the world: ‘Convert as quickly as possible. Open your hearts to God.’

“Excuse me for this, but you must realize that Satan exists. One day he appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to submit the Church to a period of trial. God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the Devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed. Even now he is beginning to lose his power and has become aggressive. He is destroying marriages, creating division among priests and is responsible for obsessions and murder. You must protect yourselves against these things through fasting and prayer, especially community prayer. Carry blessed objects with you. Put them in your house, and restore the use of holy water.”

December 25, 1982

Is it possible…That there exists a Catholic mystery from Medjugorje that holds the secret of America’s future?That this mystery lies behind everything from WWII, the Russian Revolution, and today’s emerging conflict between the United States and Russia? That this Catholic Prophecy is revealing itself in America?That God, through his Messenger the Mother of Christ, is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come?

“The most prophetic novel of our times… Understand How the Medjugorje secrets are Revealed”

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  • I need prayers for graces to help me in my spiritual life. I have a hard time making time for prayer. I am a sinner and need conversion. Many years ago I concentrated myself to Our Lady but have grown lax in living up to my consecration. Don’t want to lose my soul to Satan. Please ask Our Lady to help me with my struggles. Thanks and God Bless.

  • Please bring my son and daughter in law back to the Catholic church. Keep all 3 of us holy.

  • Please bring my son and daughter in law back to the Catholic Church and to have my grandson baptized. Also my daughter.

  • Please help me convert my entire life to Jesus & The Blessed Virgin Mary! Please help me to pray nonstop, fast, attend mass, confession & Adoration as often as possible! Please bless me with denying material possessions and unnecessary things that are not of God. Please send a wonderful Catholic man for my daughter, who will love ❤️ her intensely! May she have a strong conversion back to her faith! Please keep me focused on my faith and Eternity!

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