In Medjugorje: Mystic Post Records Sun Miracle – THE MAGICAL DANCE OF THE SUN WAS A GIFT FROM GOD

On October 25, 2017, Stephen Ryan, founder of Mystic Post arrived in Medjugorje. He had been invited to experience the special graces of Medjugore by the great Catholic tour company 206 Tours. From Sarajevo, Stephen took the two hour trip to Medjugorje in a small bus.

Nearing the village, he saw the sun flickering along the horizon as it was setting. He then took out his phone and video recorded the magical dance of the sun. Stephen admits he is no camera expert so he is open to interpretations as to what happaned.


What Stephen does testify to is that he has never experienced anything like it before. And more importantly he is forever grateful for God’s little welcoming gift to him as he arrived in Medjugorje