Pope Francis Warns: Has ‘omens’ – Sees great destruction and desolation’ for mankind – “a dire future”

  • The Pope has warned of ‘omens of even greater destruction and desolation’
  • The pontiff said even more dire times for humanity are set to come in the future
  • He was speaking at a Mass commemorating the appearance of Mary in 1531

The Pope has offered a harrowing vision of the future, saying he has seen signs of an even darker time ahead for humanity.

At a Mass at the Vatican, the Pope, 85, said on Sunday that he has a dire vision for the world with ‘omens of even greater destruction and desolation’.

The Mass was commemorating the feast of Our Lady Guadalupe, which fell on Monday. It commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a young man, Saint Juan Diego, in 1531 in Mexico City. The day is a national holiday in Mexico.

But despite the current difficult times for the world – including wars, particularly Russia‘s conflict in Ukraine, the rising cost of living, poverty, famine, and an international energy crisis – the Pope said he has a vision that things will get worse.