Our Lady prepares us for the future: The meeting with Sister Emmanuel…”The Mantle of Mary protects us from the snares of the devil”

“Maria prepares us for the future” is the title of the meeting that took place at the PIME in Milan, a meeting that saw a great participation and in which Sister Emmanuel Maillard spoke.

Sister Emmanuel Maillard
Sister Emmanuel (websource)

The testimony of Sister Emmanuel, during the meeting “Mary prepares us for the future” touched on various themes, including the value we give today to earthly time: “The problem is that today we consider the time of the earth as definitive, forgetting that we have a soul. There are young people who don’t even know they have it. “ During the meeting, Diego Manetti, Mariologist and voice of Radio Maria also spoke.


Sister Emmanuel: time on earth

We often forget to have a soul: it is the appeal that Sister Emmanuel made in her testimony. The problem is that we consider earth’s time as the definitive time. In fact, we do everything for the earth, starting from work and careers. The invitation is then to return to a “just life” and to do this you need strength. It is urgent for us to become strong: strong in faith and strong in prayer, therefore in adherence to Jesus.

What does Maria tell us?

Sister Emmanuel tells us that the Virgin Mary asked us to be in love with Jesus the Eucharist . Our Lady invites us to create chapels of Eucharistic adoration: “Adore my Son for a long time with the heart”. Furthermore, Mary tells us to put Mass at the center. This request is closely related to the importance we attach to earthly time. Too often we tend to put careers, jobs, and sex at the center of our lives. But the more we put these things at the center, the less happy we are. We put Mass at the center, only in this way can we truly understand how suffering “can become glory”.


Humanity is in agony

Jesus let himself be arrested and, for the salvation of all of us, he suffered the Cross. In desperation, only one woman remained standing, praying and suffering, but with joy. The Virgin Mother . She knew that the Cross suffered by the Son would bring about the salvation of the world and rejoiced that her Son was defeating the evil of humanity. If today we are in agony, then it means that we are close to triumph, we are close to the Immaculate Heart of Mary .

Maria protects us

The Mantle of Mary protects us from the snares of the devil. What is this maternal mantle? It is the Mantle received by Mary on the day of the Annunciation, when the angel said to her: “The Holy Spirit will descend on you, the power of the Most High will cast its shadow over you”. The Madonna is covered by the Most High. From that day, this is the Maternal Mantle .

The Mantle is God himself

This mantle is made of God himself , because he is God himself. Satan has never been able to penetrate the Mantle. Therefore, all those who are inside the Manto are protected by the Madonna . To ensure that we can remain within this protection, we must do what Mary asks of us: Mass, Rosary, fasting, reading of the Holy Scriptures.

Fabio Amicosante