Little Eleonora was doomed. but the rose petals from Medjugorje have healed her!

Suffering from a handicap since her birth, little Eleonora could not walk, after they placed rose petals blessed by the Madonna in Medjugorje she stood up for the first time.

An Israeli family lived with the anguish of little Eleonora, a 3-year-old girl with a disability who had never been able to walk. The parents of the child had turned to the doctors and had prayed so much so that their child could one day walk, but nothing had helped. One day a Catholic friend of theirs went to visit him and told him about the graces he had witnessed in Medjugorje. During the talk, the pilgrim felt the pain from the family and so he gave them rose petals that had been blessed by Our Lady during an apparition.


The friend told the couple to put the rose petals on the child’s legs and to pray that the Madonna grants grace. The three prayed together and put the rose petals on the little girl’s leg. The following morning the husband was worried that no miracle would occur. Then the father heard an unusual noise coming from his daughter’s room.

Eleonora was found in her room walking on her legs. The parents said that the daughter came out of the house and turned three times around the building, excited to finally be able to walk. According to reports from Eleonora’s family to ‘Enfant de Medjugorje’, now the child is walking better and the doctors have confirmed that the improvements seem permanent. To accompany the news is a short video in which Eleonora walks in a courtyard. © Enfants de Medjugorje 2018

6 thoughts on “Little Eleonora was doomed. but the rose petals from Medjugorje have healed her!

  • How does someone not a priest “bless” things? Is this yet another proof that it is NOT our Blessed Mother who is appearing in Medj. Our Lady, being a laywoman, would NEVER attempt to “bless” anything!

    • The rose petals were blessed during an apparition of Our Lady, when the friend was in Medjugorje.

    • They probaby put the rose on the statue of Mary which are blessed by priests!

    • Um the child was healed from the blessing. So are you saying the blessing didn’t work because you say our Mother wouldn’t divsuch a thing? Have you never said God Bless to anyone? Why wouldn’t our mother want to bestow God’s blessing on her children. So strange the reasons people come up with to reject God’s blessings.

  • How can a person ask for these petals? Can they be purchased and mailed to the US?

  • Without faith, we cannot please God.
    In this instance, Our Blessed Mother heals a child, by the aid of blessed rose petals. Without giving thanks and praise to Jesus and Mary, you are doughting!
    How, it must hurt them!! You have to repent, all those who are doughting.
    Of course Our Lady can bless, Jesus has given her all the power, she is His Mother!!! Believe!

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