Medjugorje: The first contact with the Madonna …. Jakov: “The greatest gift you can receive is conversion”

The visionary Jakov Colo

During one of his testimonies Jakov Colo talked about his first meeting with Our Lady and encouraged the faithful not to fear sharing what happened to Medjugorje because the greatest gift we can receive is conversion. Jakov talks about testifying but not forcing other people to believe, simply to make them understand what really happens in the Bosnian village, while offering a testimony of the love that Our Lady and God have for us. The announcement of the messages of Our Lady by the visionaries, however repeated, has this very function: to make known the love of God and to show a different life style to the one that today can offer the salvation of the soul. It is then up to the individual’s heart and mind to decide whether or not to believe in this message and to adhere to it.

The first contact with the Madonna and the importance of sharing

To make it clear to those present how important it is to share the message of Our Lady , Jakov tells of his first meeting with the Queen of Peace , an encounter that left him confused, but which also gave him a positive feeling: “I was ten when Our Lady appeared the first time and before then I had never thought about an apparition. We lived here in the village: it was quite poor, there was no news, we did not know of other apparitions, neither of Lourdes, nor of Fatima, nor of other places where Our Lady appeared “.

The seer also explains how a child of that age has no knowledge of what is happening to him that rationally could not be explained yet there was something that had won him over: “In my heart I immediately felt something special. I immediately understood that my life would totally change. Then when we climbed up, when we saw the Madonna up close, that beauty, that peace, that joy that transmitted to you, at that moment there was nothing else for me. At that moment there was only you and in my heart there was only the desire that the apparition was repeated again, that we could see her again “.

After having recounted what has happened to him internally, Jakov goes on to talk about the experience of the Pilgrims and tells them not to look for a sign or an apparition, but to gather the message that Our Lady has given to the visionaries, or to pray and teach to pray so that every single heart may be converted : “Many when they come to Medjugorje say: perhaps we will see something, perhaps we will see Our Lady, the sun that turns … But I say to all those who come here that the main thing, the greatest sign that God can give you, it is precisely conversion. This is the greatest sign that every pilgrim can have here in Medjugorje. What can you bring from Medjugorje as a souvenir? The greatest souvenir of Medjugorje are the messages of Our Lady: you must testify, do not be ashamed. Only we must understand that we can not force anyone to believe “.

Luca Scapatello