Prayer of hope and mercy to the Holy Virgin for the little Alfie

We pray this prayer for all women called to live the joy of becoming mothers and for all those who still can not have them .. We ask the Lord to bless and protect all the children who will be born this night and the new day!


Lord Jesus, I pray you with love for this sweet hope that I enclose in my womb.

You gave me the immense gift of a small living life in my life: I humbly thank you for choosing me the instrument of your love.

In this gentle wait help me to live in continuous abandonment to your will. Grant me a heart of pure, strong, generous mother.

I offer your concerns for the future; anxieties, fears, desires for the little creature I do not know yet. Let it be born healthy in the body, remove from it every physical evil and every danger to the soul.

You, Mary, who knew the ineffable joys of a holy motherhood, give me a heart capable of transmitting a living and burning Faith.

Sanctify my expectation, bless my joyful hope, make the fruit of my womb sprout in virtue and holiness through your work and your Divine Son.