Medjugorje. Today we talk about the last secret, the tenth… The 10th cannot be reduced under any circumstances. “While She was entrusting me with the tenth secret, She was very sad.”

The Tenth Secret is the most serious

The declarations of the visionaries leave no doubt, in those who believe in the apparitions of Medjugorje, that at least the last four secrets will have to do with very serious events. While today the visionaries usually refuse to answer detailed questions about secrets, they were more explicit in the early 1980s.

BBC reporter Mary Craig also reports an event that took place in the mid-1980s, while a team of French and Italian scientists examined the seers and their apparitions.

During an appearance, she noticed how the visionary Jakov Colo suddenly stopped breathing for 10 seconds.

 Jakov Colo received all ten secrets
Later Jakov explained that the Virgin Mary had shown him the visible results of one of the secrets.

It was 13 years after Jakov received his tenth and last secret, September 12, 1998. An event that also meant the end of his daily appearances.

The same day he reported how the Virgin Mary had looked at him while showing him the secret: “While she was entrusting me with the tenth secret, She was very sad.”

Among the visionaries, Mirjana was the first to receive the tenth secret.

Mirjana DragicevicMirjana in 1982 when she received the tenth secret that ended her daily appearances
Selected by the Virgin since 1982 to reveal the secrets of the world one day, Mirjana has also released rather informative interviews about them:

“The eighth secret is worse than the other seven. I prayed for a long time that it could be less serious. Every day when the Madonna was tormented, asking that it be mitigated. Then she said that everyone should pray to be reduced, “Mirjana told the Franciscan priest Fr Tomislav Vlasic on January 10, 1983, sixteen days after receiving the tenth secret that ended his daily appearances.

“So, in Sarajevo, I had many people who joined me in this prayer. Later, Our Lady told me that you had been able to have the attenuated secret. But then she explained the ninth secret to me and it was even worse. The tenth secret is the most serious and can not be reduced under any circumstances. I can not say anything because even a word would reveal the secret before it’s time to do it. “

Prayer and Fasting Can Decrease Secrets

Mirjana has only said that her tenth secret can not be reduced. Others can be reduced, through prayer and fasting first of all.Even through more people that the journey of conversion begins.

In one of the first messages the Virgin Mary also said:

You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting wars can also be removed and even the natural laws suspended (July 21, 1982)

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  • I wish I could believe , but there is so many things you hear about Medjudgojie, I dont know what to believe….Mary , most holy help me…Amen!!!

    • Marguerite, it is really the school of Mary..your week there on pilgrimage revolves around mass, adoration of the Eucharist and cross, rosary, quite time, walking and relaxing. Do not google about it, but just go…the experience will deepen your faith, if you want it to…its a year since I’ve been there and still reaping the my faith, every day I learn something new. Hope this helps xx Ps stay in Tomatoe house, excellent accommodation and central….

  • Marguerite,

    I became a Catholic because of Medjugorge and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I love my Catholic faith. Being in Medjugorge is like being in heaven on earth. At least 5 hours of your day is spent in prayer and going to Mass. Remember that the Pope has approved pilgrimages there because of the abundance of fruit. You will feel spiritually nourished and a peace which passeth understanding there, that the world cannot give. If anything, it will deepen your faith and your love for Jesus and Mary. God bless you, Marguerite!

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