Medjugorje: Marija – “Our Lady is preparing us for the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. “…She says “PREPARE”

As in every occasion of the message of the 25th of the month, at the end of the day there is a telephone interview on Radio Maria with the visionary Marija. In the interview on this occasion, we transcribed the exchange of words between the director of Radio Maria Padre Livio Fanzaga, and the visionary who received the message.

Before reading the interview, let’s review together the message of the 25th of this month

“Dear children! I thank God for each of you. In a special way, children, thank you for having responded to my call. I prepare you for new times so that you may be steadfast in faith and persevering in prayer, so that the Holy Spirit may work through you and renew the face of the earth. I pray with you for peace, the most precious gift, even if Satan wants war and hatred. You children, hold my hands out and walk proudly with God. Thank you for having responded to my call. “


Interview: “Our Lady was happy to see us” – the visionary Marija told Radio Maria – in large numbers, for having responded to her call. There were 270 priests to celebrate in the Church of Medjugorje and many, many, for confessions. This is thanksgiving to God for the presence of Our Lady in our midst.

What are the new times for which Our Lady is preparing us? (question from Father Livio)

We see that Our Lady is preparing us for the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart, and as she says, she prepares us for these times asking us to be firm in the faith. His coming among us is a breath of the Holy Spirit of God.

Especially in recent times Our Lady emphasizes the importance of being firm in the faith, we must be strong to go against the current.

Many times we forget the heart of our faith, here in Medjugorje there is the heart of faith, also this evening there was a great prayer of praise. When we pray together we feel this great love that exists for Our Lady.

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2 thoughts on “Medjugorje: Marija – “Our Lady is preparing us for the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. “…She says “PREPARE”

  • You are truly the children of Satan you hipocrits

  • I was there some years ago and I believe it is authentic. The basic message is to repent and live the gospel. The fruit is that of conversion, prayer, and the pursuit of holiness. I witnessed no deceit, I did see the miracle of the sun after praying to the Lord. Her requests have been to pray and fast, often to pray for peace. As for hypocrisy, that I have not seen, but I have noticed a certain smugness and contempt in quite a few critics, and some closed mindedness in some others. Take it or leave it, but in any case try to follow Christ. Were I you, I would absolutely take the chance and visit the place, because frankly, it is a major event in the history of this planet akin to witnessing the resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is a place of peace, it is like home. Best wishes!

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