Medjugorje Today February 13, 2021: Marija “Yes,she comes like a flash from a camera.” The Mystery of why Our Lady comes on a Cloud with a Crown of Twelve Stars is revealed in Bible Chapter XII of the Apocalypse (Jesus will return on a cloud)

“When Our Lady appears she is standing on a cloud …”

We report a part of the interview made by Father Livio of Radio Maria to the visionary Marija of Medjugorje.

Father Livio: When Our Lady appears, is she heralded by light flashes?

Marija: Yes, like a flash from a camera . Then it is the moment of the apparition. At that moment (they did some experiments on us) we remain numb, despite the fact that we are very sensitive and aware of all the people who are present with us.

Father Livio: Is the Madonna therefore enveloped in light?

Marija: Yes.

Father Livio: The second visual sign is the cloud under her feet. Look, in my opinion, the cloud is a sign as is the crown of twelve stars. It is a celestial creature that in a certain sense reminds us of the great sign that appeared in the sky of which Chapter XII of the Apocalypse speaks. In a simple way, profound teachings about Our Lady are contained here.

Marija: Once talking to a theologian he told us that even though we were still children, we said in five minutes what he said in an hour and a half of theology. We know nothing of theology, but with Our Lady we have learned in simplicity a life of prayer, of offering and of placing Jesus at the center of our life. Here, with Our Lady we have learned a new life where Jesus is not up somewhere in the clouds, in the sky, but is here among us.


Father Livio: It is important. In fact, Jesus, in his second coming, will come on the clouds of heaven. The cloud is a biblical sign of heavenly royalty. The crown of twelve stars, then, refers to the woman clothed with the sun mentioned in the Apocalypse. Our Lady appears with these two biblical signs which certainly have a meaning.

Marija: It’s easier for me to say this: Our Lady rests on a cloud and doesn’t touch the earth.