Did Vicka’s 2020 Coronavirus Prophecy Come True? “Do not fear the coronavirus… this too shall pass!” Covid-19 cases plunge around the world

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have dropped dramatically, but epidemiologists say it is probably too early for the coronavirus vaccines to be making the difference. On Jan. 8, new daily cases of COVID-19 reached an all-time high of 295,121. The seven-day average was about 243,538. On Monday, the seven-day average had fallen to 87,073. The number of patients hospitalized with the disease peaked on Jan. 6, while the number of those in intensive care units reached a high two days later. Since then, hospitalizations have dropped 51% and ICU hospitalizations have fallen 42%.



Vicka: Dear friends ,for me it’s a big joy to greet you even through the phone ,you know that you are always always in my prayers I always entrust you to Our Lady And pray for all of your intentions !Do not fear corona this too shall pass ! We believe in Our Lord ! Our Lord sees and provides ! We know that fear does not come from God ! And now I want to tell you all that I love you very much and I’m close to each and everyone of you ! May The Queen of Peace bless all of you with Love and Peace ! Big Hug and kisses from Medjugorje and The Holy Land Vicka.