Rediscover Tradition – Fr. Mark Goring, CC “Your Josiha Momment”

You tube comment: Fr Goring, I do believe that you are correct! I love that you are calling this your “Josiah moment.” If we just added the Communion rails again, what a difference that would make. Receiving our Lord on our knees shows reverence for His True Presence. Can’t afford rails? A church near us bought a kneeler to put before the priest during Communion. Now, most of their parishioners are choosing to kneel and receive the Eucharist on the tongue!

4 thoughts on “Rediscover Tradition – Fr. Mark Goring, CC “Your Josiha Momment”

  • i am all about renewing the old ways. as far as the rails. calm down people take your time, priest take your time too. don’t cut down the mass any. Keep the old tradition.

  • i agree thanks

  • yes receiving communion on the tonghe ,kneeling.stopping people from bringing their celphone to church and having a conversstion out loud.Before the priest dismissing the congregation , saying a priere of thanksgiving aftre receiving our lord. before leaving.No more guitar mass or piano ,those instruments have their place in club.That will ressemble more like a catholic church if we play organ,it is so appropiate spiritualy.
    I mis the latin mass dearly, It is an hour of adoration reverence, respect for the sacre,Let try to return to that worsship.

  • I am not that young, but I remember well when mass was celebrated in Latin, which no one understood, and I remember when the alter containing the tabernacle in its centre was at the centre the people’s attention. The priest celebrated mass with his back to the people then.
    Fortunately for me and my fellow parishioners, our parish was built before Vatican II so, in addition to the old altar, which still holds the tabernacle in the centre, another table altar was built.
    One very good thing about Vatican II is that now we celebrate mass in the language of the country, which everyone understands.

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