Medjugorje. Clear and simple words from heaven: ‘I beg you, be converted!’…The Queen of Peace Confirms Herself What is the Most Important Message

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It is the “Queen of Peace” herself who affirms that the most important message given in Medjugorje is that of conversion. Perhaps you would be more inclined to put faith or prayer first on the scale of values. For the truth is that there is no message in which the Queen of Peace does not call to prayer. But both faith and prayer reach their effectiveness and their concreteness in the change of life. If your life is not renewed and you do not take any steps forward on the spiritual path, it means that your faith is frail and your prayer is devoid of bite. Do not think that conversion concerns only those souls who are far from God in mortal sin. There is a large portion within the circle of devotees, who are dozing in lukewarmness, or perhaps in presumption. It is these souls who do not go forward and who always seem the same to themselves and others. When we do not grow and do not advance on the path of salvation, it means that we are dead, like fake flowers that seem real, but when you touch them you discover that they are devoid of life. The call for conversion concerns everyone, no one is excluded. The one who is already by grace on the way to good must react to fatigue and the temptation and not look back. Our Lady often reprimands parishioners, both those of Medjugorje, and those who are part of her spiritual parish, because of their coldness. The Mother’s heart does not spare us reproaches, because we do not put the messages into practice, or because we listen to them out of curiosity or because, after the first moments of enthusiasm, we have returned to the indifference of all time. “You are so cold!” Exclaims the Queen of Peace.



The call to conversion is particularly directed to those who have taken “the way of ruin”. Our Lady does not abandon herself to the description of the world in dull and hopeless colors, as she loves to make the language of sects. The way the “Queen of Peace” turns to us is always very sweet and full of pity, even when she reproaches and denounces the

rising tide of evil. She, however, does not close her eyes to the sin that dominates the world, behind which she indicates the presence of the Evil One who wants to seize as many souls as possible. 

The assessment of the Queen of Peace regarding the current moment in which humanity is now living could not be more alarming. In a message she says that today men want to build a new world without God, with their own strength. On this path, however, they have no future, neither joy nor eternal salvation. Yet this world, which has seen, perhaps, the greatest apostasy from God that history knows, is the object of love and mercy. Instead of punishment God granted a time of grace and sent the Mother to call the children on the path of conversion. In this light we understand the invitations and maternal appeals to return to God, which resound with emphasis in her messages. 

Her heart – she says – sheds tears of blood for children who are lost in sin. This extraordinary time of grace is also the time that God grants us for conversion. Now we must decide, without delay. 

“Decide for God!”, repeats the Mother with heartfelt emphasis“I beg you, turn yourselves!”, she says in a message that we should print in letters of fire on our hearts

Your pilgrimage to Medjugorje will bear the fruits that Our Lady expects if you make decisions regarding your spiritual life. It is about leaving a mediocre Christian life and renouncing those sins that keep you away from God.

Confession and the purpose of a new life are necessary steps for the pilgrimage to be fruitful. The commitment to

observe the Commandments is the true thermometer of the seriousness of your intentions. You could make hundreds of pilgrimages and recite thousands of Rosaries; but it would be all in vain if you do not decide to cut the deadly bonds of sin.


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  • Please pray for Ireland. We have allowed the country to be taken over by evil forces. The people have given up on God. Materialism and Atheism are the popular gods of today. Politicians are now imprinting their beliefs despite electoral promises. Irish culture and real identity have been flushed down the european drain. Political and Church leaders need to wake up and change Irelands focus and values so that we can win real respect once again.

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