Vatican Rumors: Italian Newspapers Reporting Medjugorje to Become “Pontifical Sanctuary”

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Originally Published in La Luce Di Maria
(Translated by Google Translate)
On the 14th of September came a Vatican news story that many, probably, did not make or did not pay due attention to.
What would normally be a normal communication regarding the organization of a diocese, in this case has some unlikely implications. We come to the news itself: the Pope has appointed Monsignor Romuald Kaminski coadjutor bishop for the Warsaw-Prague office, of which the ordinary bishop is Monsignor Henryk Hoser, or the special messenger sent by Pope Francis to Medjugorje.
Let us understand why the pontiff appointed a coadjutor bishop for the Warsaw-Prague office: Bishop Hoser’s mission ended when he declared that within a year there could be an official recognition of the first seven appearances by the Holy See.
Which would have assumed, at least theoretically, that the special messenger would return to his task. But instead of returning to the role of Bishop of Warsaw-Prague full time, he was accompanied by a deputy or, better to say, an assistant, could he mean that Monsignor Hoser will move to a stable plan in Medjugorje?The hypotheses on this are many and perhaps the most probable, and that the parish of St. James becomes a pontifical sanctuary and becomes a territorial prelature at the top of which will be Monsignor Hoser.
It will be necessary to wait to see if this is not only a hypothesis, but all the detractors of the phenomenon of the apparitions in the Bosnian village, Monsignor Peric, must first come to nothing.
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2 thoughts on “Vatican Rumors: Italian Newspapers Reporting Medjugorje to Become “Pontifical Sanctuary”

  • It’was the most beautiful experience I had in my life it was unbelievable you could feel our Lady presences

  • Even before I first went to medjugorje for the very first time ,our lady gospa ,made it known to me ,that she was and still is even now ,appearing their in apparitions ,I have been shown many many visions ,by our lord and our lady ,including the permanent sign that will appear on top of mount podbrydo ,which is the third secret given to the visionaries at medjugorje ,people can laugh or scorn at me ,I can even undergo a lie test ,to prove the truth to those unbelievers ,in regards to what as happened to me ,their is a great great need ,for all people ,to return to god ,we are in a time of change ,listen to our lady’s messages and live them out ,in your daily lives,put Jesus our saviour ,and gospa ,first in your lives ,god bless medjugorje ,the light for this troubled world ,give your true yes to gospa ,this is our lady’s time ,don’t wait to change tomorrow ,when today is better ,do not put things off ,

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