Emma Guzman – The Mystic who talks to Saints in Heaven

A must see portion. Emma was able to talks and sees Saints like St. Bernadette of Lourdes, St. Therese, St. John the Evangilist, St. Faustina including Pope John Paul II together with Saint Peter.

5 thoughts on “Emma Guzman – The Mystic who talks to Saints in Heaven

  • Please pray for my family for me to be healed to be favored by the lord Jesus blessings

  • Please pray for my mother Aurea H.Esteron she is sick and have a cataract and good health and long life and pray for me to my problems in my life and financial ,friends, peace of the world. Pray for our family’s, peace of family ‘s.forgiveness of sin.

  • Dear Emma please pray for my daughter L. She has a mental disorder and she has fallen in sexual confusion
    May God and our holy mother bless you

  • Please pray to St. Joseph for my husband. He left the house and is in adultery

  • Please pray to Mother Mary for my husband, he needs prayer.

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