Sen. Marco Rubio Talks to Media About UFOs and Alien Life: ‘There’s Stuff Flying Over Military Installations’ We Can’t Identify

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) shared his thoughts on aliens with TMZ — revealing he is worried about UFOs flying near United States military bases.

TMZ stopped the senator, a member of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, at Reagan National Airport on Monday, noting that the government is now required to release a report detailing everything officials know about UFOs.

“There’s stuff flying over military installations, and nobody knows what it is and it isn’t ours,” he said, adding that it’s logical to want to identify these unidentified flying objects. “It’s common sense, right?”

So should we be worried about potential foes from a galaxy far, far away? Rubio seems to think so.

“I think the worry is that there’s stuff flying over our facilities and we don’t know what they are,” said the senator. “You know what I mean? So that’s the concern. Maybe it’s the other logical explanation to it.”

The TMZ reporter went as far as to ask Rubio if aliens or China imposed a bigger threat to the United States, prompting the senator to repeat that he does not know what the object was.

“There’s stuff flying over the top of our military installations and they don’t know who’s flying it, they don’t even know who it is,” Rubio added. “So that’s a problem. We need to find out if we can.”

Rubio went on to crack that the aliens must be smarter than humans if they “made it all the way here” when “we can’t get there.”

“We don’t know what that stuff is that’s flying over the top of our installations, let’s find out,” he added. “Maybe it’s another country and that would be bad news too.”