Pink Hats and the Godless Mob that Fills Its Empty Soul with Hate..Fatima 2.o BEWARE

Fatima’s prophecy of “Errors” (read full list at end of article)

  1. A reductively atheistic materialist world-view which aims at undermining anything Christian in society;
  2. An ideology that is disconnected from Truth and reality;


From Church Militant


For those who have been politically or culturally asleep for the past 40 years, the Left — which is to say, godless communists disguised as do-good social justice socialists — have been hacking away at a number of categories that must be destroyed in order for them to prevail and impose their tyranny on the nation.

One category is race — if you are white, you are bad. You enjoy white privilege. You belong to a class that is horrid by nature and must be overthrown.

It’s interesting and telling that in almost every assessment of the Brett Kavanaugh controversy that media have singled out that all eleven senate judiciary republicans are white. Race has nothing to do with this story. Every single person involved is Caucasian, yet there it is: old white men.

Then we, of course, get the charge of being conservative, which means right-wing, alt-right, extremist. And we all know extremism is bad. Being labeled an extremist is the worst possible thing, but only if you are a conservative extremist.

Planned Parenthood extremism is perfectly acceptable because, well, it’s not conservative. In all of this, we need to make sure and lump in being straight — or heterosexual — because, again, that’s bad. Heterosexuals are unfeeling, non-compassionate by nature, and heterosexuality being opposed to homosexuality by nature makes it automatically bad.

Christian — or in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, specifically Catholic — is tantamount to complete unacceptability by the Left. It is, after all, Catholicism which built Western civilization — that heterosexual, patriarchal, politically conservative, Caucasian empire of evil that must be dismantled however possible.

And the coup de grace of the entire war — Kavanaugh is a male — which means he must shut up and sit down and not talk, and likewise with any men who defend him or even question Blasey Ford’s claims that with each passing day become less and less believable.

Damn the facts — he’s a man, a male, and he is, therefore, wrong and must be disbelieved and belittled. And when you add in that he’s a white, conservative, straight, Catholic male, well this is simply intolerable. He must be destroyed.

This must not be allowed to continue. All that is male is bad — it’s toxic. Every male should simply be content to sit back with his juvenile video games and self-indulgent porn habit and let women run the world.

In today’s political and social climate — created and helped along by the diabolical — whatever is masculine is evil. Men must be reduced to sniveling mama’s boys who have been socially castrated. It is a case of toxic masculinity to confront.

Truth cannot be asserted if someone’s feelings are upset. The entire world exists so that the feelings of radical feminism can be affirmed. When you take this template and lay it across what’s going on in the Church, it causes much to come into sharp focus.

Why has the Catholic priesthood been so devastated? Precisely because truth has been replaced for feelings, and this has been pushed by the homosexualist crowd so they don’t have to face the truth of their own sexual depravity. It cannot be and should not be surprising that what is happening in the culture is happening.

What evil happens in the culture first happens in the Church because the Church is the only body on Earth with the supernatural mission to fight and destroy evil. All man-made institutions and bodies will fail sooner or later because they were not established by God — only the Catholic Church was.

So this rejection of heterosexuality and masculinity, of conservatism and faith, that we see so evidently on display in the Kavanaugh case, has been able to reach this point exactly because it has already been happening in the Church for decades.

Too many Catholic leaders have acquiesced, have given into the shrieks of radical feminism simply because they have become more feminine than masculine themselves. They no longer have a touchstone to that which is masculine, so they flounder about, grasping and groping for something to seize to stem the tide of destruction of the Faith.

Many of them are massively effeminate; most have been emasculated; all of them practically speaking are at a loss to do anything to restore the Church. This is why we see the victory of radical feminism’s tyranny because too many men have refused to accept the mantle of suffering and sacrifice which is part and parcel of being a man.

If this all sounds familiar — just look at what happened in the Garden of Eden: A radical feminist bullied a cowardly man, and here we are today.

Satan hates — absolutely hates with a burning passion — authentic masculinity. It was authentic masculinity that was assumed by the eternal Logos which destroyed his kingdom and opened the possibility of salvation.

Men, especially white, conservative, straight, Christian men, need to pick up your heads and realize how you are being demonized — just turn on a TV and watch.

What Are ‘the Errors of Russia?’

In her apparition of July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucy that “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”

People sometimes ask the question, “What are the errors of Russia?” In her article, Have the “Errors of Russia” Now Infected Rome?, Dr. Maike Hickson gives the most exhaustive list I have ever seen in reply to this question.

I thought of this list recently as I was doing research on a related question and decided it would be good to post Maike’s list here for the benefit of readers.

But, what, then, are the “errors of Russia” as they were developing at the time of the Bolshevik-Russian Revolution shortly after the Fatima apparitions? It would seem that they include, among other things, the following list of characteristics:

  1. A reductively atheistic materialist world-view which aims at undermining anything Christian in society;
  2. An ideology that is disconnected from Truth and reality;
  3. A cultural Marxism that later permeated also the West with the help of the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci’s ideas;
  4. A revolutionary socialistic spirit that undermines especially major aspects of family life – especially with the help of feminism, divorce and abortion;
  5. A Hegelian dialectic philosophy, along with dialectic materialism, which claims that strife and ongoing contention in society are necessary in order to bring about higher and unfolding forms of life; such an approach essentially denies and purportedly transcends the principle or law of non-contradiction.
  6. A form of governing “revolutionary socialism” that is also constitutionally called “Democratic Centralism,” the latter formulation meaning that things have the appearance of being openly democratic, yet they are all centrally organized and managed in the background (Dr. Robert Hickson recently applied this principle to the current situation in the Church – especially with regard to the Family Synods – here);
  7. A disregard for tradition and for the traditional institutions of society (or now of the Church, such as the Curia?) as “counter-revolutionary forces”;
  8. A deceitful misuse of language with the intent to manipulate the public;
  9. A method of branding one’s own opponents with sweeping and demeaning epithets that abstractly categorize them as “right-wing” or “counter-revolutionary” [and what about the most-common term in use among the left: “fascist”?];
  10. An approach to ongoing revolutionary changes where there is both “a slow path” and “a fast path” of the Revolution; such is “the Dialectic” and the “dialectical process”;
  11. Toward more moderate and compromising opponents, one first tries to incorporate them into the professed new system so as to use them as Lenin’s “useful idiots” in the sense that they help give to the world the illusory idea that nothing has really changed;
  12. As a last element – but of course a very important and painful one for those who lived under Communism – there is a constant sense of distrust and fear, unto the imprisonment and killing of one’s intransigent opponents.