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A singular experience in the Exorcisms is when the Devil is forced to weave the praises of the Immaculate Virgin.

All the exorcists know how effective it is, during the Exorcisms, to invoke the Virgin, for well-known reasons that the Demon himself was forced to reveal. In fact, sometimes God forces the Devil to tell the truth.

Let’s see how on some occasions he became an excellent apologist for the Madonna.

One day Padre Candido, the famous exorcist of the “Scala Santa” in Rome, questioned the Demon: “Why do you react more when I invoke Our Lady when I invoke Jesus?” Here is the answer: “Because I am more humiliated to be won by a simple creature”.

Another time, an exorcist from Brescia, Don Faustino Negrini, ordered the Demon to say what scares him most in Mary. The Devil replied: “Because she is the most humble of all creatures, while I am the most superb. She is the most obedient and I am the most rebellious. She is the purest and I am the most filthy.”

In turn, after having reminded Satan of his last reply, in which the Virgin was exalted as the most humble, the most obedient and the purest of all creatures, I commanded him to tell me which is the fourth virtue for which he has so much fear of the Madonna. He immediately replied: “It is the only creature that always wins me, because it has never been touched by the smallest shadow of sin”.

The strength of Mary against Satan, due to the four virtues listed, is also a model for us. We do not know God’s plans for Mary, to prepare the ‘parousia’; but we know the help she gives us now, as our mother with regard to salvation; therefore, in particular, with regard to the fight against sin.

The enmity between the Woman of the Apocalypse and the Dragon always endures and the struggle is without respite. Paul is very clear in this regard: “Put on the armor of God, to be able to resist the Devil’s perils. Our battle, in fact, is not against creatures made of blood and flesh, but against the Principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits who live in the heavenly regions “(Eph 6: 11-13).

The irreconcilable opposition of the Immaculate Virgin to the tempting Devil tells us how the appeal to her in the temptations of Evil and in the trials of life invites us to trust in the power of intercession of Mary.