“I am the living witness that the life of the beyond exists … …Our Lady has told me the future of the world.” Such powerful words from the visonary Ivanka.

One could say that there are few words in history that  are equal to Ivanka’s revelation – at least since the time of Jesus – because they seem to be rooted in a profound truth.

Visionary Ivanka says: “In the early years of the apparition, the Madonna told me about her life. She told me the future of the Church and the future of the world.

I have written all these things down in notebooks.  All of this will be delivered to the world when Our Lady tells me that it is time. May 7, 1985 was the last daily appearance for me. That day the Madonna entrusted me with the 10th and last secret.

During that apparition the Madonna stayed with me longer than other times. She was with me for an hour.

It was so difficult for me not to be able to see her every day. On that day May 7, 1985, Our Lady told me: “You have accomplished all that my Son expected of you”.

She also told me that I would see her all my life once a year, on the day of the anniversary of her time here on earth, June 25th. She then granted me an enormous gift – the greatest give that one can imagine.

And for this reason, I am the living witness for the entire world that the life of the beyond exists. during that apparition God and the Madonna allowed me to see my mother!

And in that meeting my mother told me: “My daughter, I am proud of you”. All I can say about this is that  God has shown us the way. Now it is up to us to choose this way to reach heaven, to reach eternity.

After all these years I still ask God why he chose me, because I don’t feel different from others. God has granted me a great, great gift, but also a very great responsibility, both before God and before men.

I feel that in my life I can help Our Lady by transmitting and bearing witness to this message. Perhaps this is why Our Lady entrusted me with the task of praying for families.

Our Lady invites us to respect the sacrament of marriage, to live in the Christian family;invites us to renew family prayer, to read the Bible, to go to Mass at least on Sundays; invites us to the Holy Confession once a month. I say: God asks us so little, even five minutes, to gather in the family and pray together.

Because satan wants to destroy our families, but with prayer we can overcome it. This year the Madonna entrusted me with this message:

“Dear children, I am always with you, do not be afraid. Open your heart so that peace and love can enter into it. Pray for peace. I am with you and I bless you all with my maternal blessing. Thank you, dear children, because you have answered my call once again today.”

Today I ask you to live Our Lady’s message: open your heart and bring this peace to your families, your cities and your nations. Only with our life, with our living witness, can we help Our Lady to carry out her projects. I always ask for your prayers: remember us who are here in your prayers and we will pray for you.