Pope Francis has undergone testing for Coronavirus

Source La Luce di Maria

Pope Francis, hit by a cold, a few lines of fever and cough, “would have submitted to the swab as a precaution, a negative result”.

” Pope Francis hit by the cold would have undergone the swab as a precaution, then a negative result”. The newspaper Il Messaggero writes this morning, describing a Vatican that is “desolately empty and orphaned by the compact crowds of tourists”. At the moment, however, the Holy See has not yet officially confirmed, while in recent days several sources had spoken of the fact that Francis had been affected by a non-serious laryngitis without having been subjected to the coronavirus swab.

For about a week, many of Francesco’s public appointments have been canceled. The day before yesterday from the Angelus window on St. Peter’s Square, it was Bergoglio himself who announced that he would not be present in Ariccia for the Lenten exercises with the Roman curia. 83 years, in good health, the Pope would have undergone a cooling during the general audience last Wednesday, when St. Peter’s Square was blown by a cold wind. As a precaution he would have decided to cancel several public hearings but not the private appointments in Santa Marta that still continue.

Meanwhile, the news rebounds on sites around the world. BBC opens with the Pope who would have submitted to the swab. Thus the Bloomberg and Reuters agencies report the news also highlighting the drop in tourists to the Vatican museums. In these days, in fact, museum galleries would have suffered a 60% drop in attendance.


The first internal quarantine case was also announced yesterday at the Vatican. This is not so much a contagion as it is a prevention. An employee who came into contact with a patient – a French priest currently hospitalized for infectives in a Parisian hospital (although the diocese in the meantime has made it known that he is well) – forced the Vatican to take immediate measures.
The isolation of the employee will last at least a week, the office will be disinfected and information will be collected to reconstruct the movements