Exasperated Vicka Reveals information on “Indestructible sign”: “I know when the permanent sign will be revealed. I know this with precision”

Interviewer: – Do you know exactly when this sign will be? Vicka – With precision.
Vicka: “Why to show the people that She is here among us…I’ll just say this: whoever does not believe without a sign will not believe with a sign. And, I’ll tell you this too: woe to him who delays his conversion, waiting for the sign. I once told you that many would come, and perhaps, even kneel before the sign, but will, nonetheless, not believe. Be happy that you are not among them! The third secret is about a sign that She will leave here [Medjugorje] on the Mountain of the Apparitions. This sign will remain forever. It is given above all for those people who are still far away from God. The Madonna wishes to give these people who will see the sign a chance to believe in God. I was able to see this sign.   IN PAX ET JUSTITIA / ON MAY 16, 2018 AT 19:53 / Janko – In truth, we have already spoken enough of the secrets of Our Lady, but I would ask you, Vicka, to tell us something about her particular secret, that is, about her promised Sign. Vicka – As for the Sign, I’ve already talked to you enough. Excuse me, but about this you also fed up with your questions.What I told you was never enough for you. . 
  J – You’re right; but what can I do if many are interested, and am I too, and want to know so much about this? V – All right. You ask me and I will answer you what I know. J – Or what you are allowed to do. V – This too. Come on, start. J – All right; I start like this. Now you can clearly see, both from your declarations and from the tapes recorded, that from the beginning you have asked Our Lady to leave a sign of her presence, so that the people believe and do not doubt you. V – It’s true. J – And the Madonna? V – At the beginning, every time we asked for this sign, she disappeared immediately, or began to pray or sing. J – Does that mean she did not want to answer you? V – Yes, somehow. J – So? V – We have continued to bother her. And she soon enough, assenting with her head, began to promise that she would leave a mark. J – She never promised with words? In your opinion, how long did it take for Our Lady to really promise you to leave a mark? V – I do not know. I can not say I know if I do not know. J – Yes, yes; even more. In your notebook it is written that on October 26, 1981, Our Lady, smiling, said she was amazed because you asked her nothing more about the Sign; but she said she will leave it to you, and you must not be afraid because she will fulfill her promise. V – All right, but I think that was not the first time she made us the promise to really leave the Sign. J – I understand. Did she immediately tell you what it is? V – No, no. Maybe two months have passed before telling us. J – Did you talk to everyone together? V – To all together, as far as I remember. J – So you immediately felt lightened? V – And how! Try to think: then they attacked us from all sides: newspapers, slander, provocations of all kinds … And we could not say anything. J – I know; I remember this. But now tell me something about this Sign. V – I can tell you, but you already know everything you can know about it. Once you almost fooled me, but Our Lady did not allow it. J – How did I fool you? V – Nothing, forget it. Go on. J – Tell me, please, something about the Sign. V – I already told you that you know everything you can know. J – Vicka, I see I’ve bothered you. Where will the Madonna leave this sign? V – A Podbrdo, on the spot of the first apparitions. J – Where will this sign be? In heaven or on earth? V – On the ground. J – Will it appear, suddenly or suddenly? V – All of a sudden.
.  .  J – Will anyone see it? V – Yes, anyone will come here. J – Will this Sign be a passenger or a permanent one? V – Permanent. J – You’re a bit ‘in responding, but … V – Go ahead, if you still have something to ask. J – Can someone destroy this sign? V – No one can destroy it. J – What do you think? V – Our Lady told us. J – Do you know exactly how this sign will be? V – With precision. J – Do you also know when Our Lady will reveal it to us? V – I know this too. J – Do all the other seers know this too? V – This I do not know, but I think we still do not know it all. J – Maria told me she does not know yet. V – Here, you see it! J – And little Jakov? He did not want to answer this question. V – I think he knows it, but I’m not sure. J – I have not asked you yet if this Sign is a special secret or not. V – Yes, it’s a special secret. But at the same time it is part of the ten secrets. J – Are you sure? V – Of course I’m sure! J – All right. But why does Our Lady leave this Sign here? V – To show the people that she is present here among us. J – OK. Tell me, if you believe: I will come to see this Sign? V – Go ahead. Once I told you, a long time ago. That’s enough for now. J – Vicka, I would like to ask you one more thing, but you’re too hard and brisk, so I’m afraid. V – If you’re afraid, then leave it alone. J – Only this again!
V – I do not seem to be so bad. Please ask. J – That’s good. In your opinion, what would happen to any of you, if you were to show the sign’s secret? V – I do not even think about it, because I know this can not happen. . YOU CAN READ EVENMedjugorje.Each person will stop and reflect.That first secret revealed to Mirjana by the Virgin . J – But once the members of the Episcopal commission have asked you, and specifically to you, to describe this sign in writing, how it will be and when it will happen, why then the writing should be closed and sealed in front of you, and kept until when the Sign appears. V – This is correct. J – But you did not accept. Because? Not even this is clear to me. V – I can not do anything about it. My Father, whoever does not believe without this will not even believe then. But I also tell you this: woe to those who wait for the Sign to be converted! I seem to have told you once: that many will come, they may bow before the Sign, but in spite of everything they will not believe. Be happy not to be among them. J – I really thank the Lord. Is this all you can tell me up until now? V – Yes. For now, it’s enough for you. J – All right. Thank you.  Editorial board  .