On June 22, 2022 Father Livio, on YOU TUBE and on Radio Maria  speaks clearly.  He affirms with certainty: ‘We have entered the time of the Apocalypse’

He had already written in his blog, this reflection that we post here.

Dear friends,

The Queen of Peace has sent us several times to examine the signs of the times, stating that this is “Satan’s hour”, that this time is his time.


The Apocalypse is before our eyes, however we do not see it because we are blinded by unbelief. The signs, however, are clearly visible for all those who have the humility to look at them.

The first sign is the last call to conversion and from the Queen of Peace, who has been present with daily apparitions for “forty years”, a sacred time with significant biblical references.

The Madonna wears a crown of twelve very bright stars on her head, with an explicit link to the Woman clothed with the sun of the Apocalypse.

The Mother of God is present as “Queen” to defeat the empire of darkness and for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

It is the first eschatological battle of the Apocalypse, in which the two beasts at the service of Satan. 1. absolute human power and 2. a false religion will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur (Revelation 19, 11-22).

The second sign  is  the Apostasy  which, after a long preparation over time, rapidly spread throughout the world, starting from the West.

Our Lady showed us the spread of the loss of faith, even if we were careless. She admonished us by telling us that we have rejected the faith and the Cross and that we have become pagans.

We ourselves are aware of all this, because we see it in our real life and we have adapted to live without God.

The third sign is “Satan released from chains” . Like the crown of twelve stars, this too is a sign that refers directly to the Apocalypse.

The Queen of Peace revealed to us that “Satan reigns”, having managed to seduce humanity to put itself in God’s place.

The plan of the prince of this world is to eliminate the Church, to “reap and harvest souls” by taking them to hell, to destroy our lives and the planet we live on. But Our Lady will prevent it in the time of the “Ten Secrets”

The fourth sign is the Pandemic , which has been permitted by God, whatever its origin, which in any case is well known in Heaven.

The Almighty allowed this “catastrophe”, still unfolding, to show man his fragility and his false certainties, in such a way as to induce him to rethink and return to faith and prayer.

Since this is not happening and humanity is running towards the abyss, blinded by hatred and war, the Mother of God, on the mandate of the Almighty, will intervene to save humanity at the mercy of the powers of evil.

It is the dramatic time of the ten secrets which, in the number, refer to the plagues of Egypt, with which the Most High freed his people from Pharaoh’s slavery.

Your Father Livio