Evil, the devil, curses: how do they work? What are the consequences? Rita Sberna talks about it in the book Inferno, la tragica elezione , in which she included an interview with Don Gabriele Amorth , while the exorcist was still alive.

In an interview given to the author, Don Gabriele Amorth explains how evil works and the consequences that can sometimes be catastrophic.

“There are people who are connected to Satan (mediums, soothsayers, witch doctors) and they are often addressed by some.

Curses should not be underestimated

Sometimes, even with diabolical personal perfidy, they cast a curse.

The most terrible curses are those from parents or close relatives. Curses should not be underestimated, even if they are made by other people.”

Father Gabriel Amorth, a famous exorcist from Rome, once wrote: “When curses are uttered with true perfidy, especially if there is a blood connection, the outcome can be tragic! Most often, I met parents, or grandparents, who cursed and invoked the devil on their children or grandchildren.”

Father Amorth added that for the healing process it is necessary for a person to forgive his parents.

Sometimes parents deliberately curse their children, especially if the child’s plans diverge from the parents’, for example if they want to marry the “wrong” person or choose the “wrong” job.

In other cases, the father would vent his anger by threatening, cursing and cursing the child. A parent may have shouted: “You will never achieve anything in life!” The psychological and spiritual burden placed on a child should never be underestimated.Parents have the unique authority and power to bless their children. But they also have a unique power to injure children.

The urge to sin

“What is most important to the devil is to force a person to sin (sending temptation to a person), but the Evil One does not have the power to force us to sin because falling into sin depends only on us humans through the free will given to us by God.

“The devil has the power to send temptations, sometimes causing us to deny the very presence of God or God’s commandments. For example, the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is violated every year precisely because more than 50 million deaths occur in the world due to abortion alone.”

“Straight to Hell”

In general, Amorth continues, “it is not sins that lead a man to devilish possession, because sins lead a man, much worse than to devilish possession: they lead him to hell.” The devil in his ordinary activity tempts all of us (from birth to death). Even Jesus and Our Lady were persecuted, says Amorth.

“Through temptations”, concludes the exorcist, “the evil one tries to lead us to sin”.

“A man who falls into sin is no more with God than with Satan. If we die in a state of grave sin, we go straight to hell. God never wants the death of a sinner, but wants the sinner to convert, and as long as we are on this earth, God constantly sends us opportunities for conversion.”

Cursing is a very common sin in our nation. It is precisely the parents who often and unconsciously curse their children.