“Do Souls Suffer Badly in Purgatory” – In Surprise… Jacov Answers Medjugorje Pilgrims Question —The mystery of the 7 Bead Rosary that free souls from purgatory – October 26, 2019

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Usually, Medjugorje Visionary Jacov is quite taciturn with his talks to pilgrims. This day Jacov gave a surprising answer about what happens in Purgatory.

Jakov then invited some questions: Q: How does conversion please Our Lady. A: Conversion is to place God in the very first place in our lives. If we have God then we have everything, then we have answer for everything we are looking for. God will always give us signs what we should do, That means we will know which is the right way to follow, what we have to do. That is conversion. That kind of a conversion Our Lady is asking from us. We should ask ourself if we are converted enough? If conversion so far is pleasing Our Lady? Everyday we should thank to God, for every new day because that is a chance for us to be better. I always say to God ‘thank you God for this day, because that is one more chance for me that I become better’

Q: Do souls suffer badly in purgatory? A: I think that they suffer. Our Lady has been inviting us that we should pray for the souls in purgatory because they are in need of our prayers. Then for certain that they are suffering. But what we can do for them is pray daily for them. Our Lady gave a mission to Marija the visionary that she should pray everyday for the souls in purgatory. So all of us should pray everyday for the souls in purgatory.

Medjugorje August 4, 2019…The Mysterious Rosary of 7 Beads that Our Lady Says Helps Free Souls from Purgatory..A reminder to recite seven Our Fathers, seven Ave Maria’s and seven Gloria Be’s.

In Medjugorje, in the shops of religious articles, there is a strange chaplet of the Rosary.  The Rosary has seven beads but it is not a commercial quirk but serves to remind the prayerful to recite seven Our Fathers, seven Ave Maria’s and  seven Gloria Be’s.

This is an ancient religious practice of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is recited to veneration of the wounds of Jesus, including that of the shoulder and the crown of thorns. When the apparitions began in Medjugorje, Our Lady told the young seers that she greatly appreciated this practice but suggested to introduce it with the recitation of the Creed. From Medjugorje, the Chaplet has spread all over the world.

Since the first apparitions the Gospa asked for the recitation of this chaplet during the apparition of July 3, 1981, she said to the visionaries:

” Before the seven Pater Ave Gloria always pray the Creed 

In her message of November 16, 1983 , 

 Pray at least once a day the Creed and seven Our Fathers Hail Marys and the  Gloria Be according to my intentions so that , through me, God’s plan can be realized. 

She added that this practice frees souls from purgatory, in fact in the message of July 20, 1982 , she stated:

 In Purgatory there are many souls and among these also people consecrated to God. Pray for them at least seven Pater Ave Gloria and the Creed. I recommend it! Many souls have been in Purgatory for a long time because no one prays for them. In Purgatory there are several levels: the lowest are close to Hell while the elevated ones gradually come closer to Paradise  .

Our Lady recommended this practice as thanksgiving at the end of Holy Mass; the parish of Medjugorje immediately accepted this invitation and still today recites it immediately after the evening mass. For those who want to recite it at home is useful the chaplet that allows you to keep track of the series of Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to the Father. This chaplet is found in many sites that sell religious material online and at specialized stores

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  • where can the 7 bead rosary be ordered?

    • I have a few and I am looking to get more. email me at “ryan mystic post @ gmail .com” for more info

      God Bless

  • I would like the seven beads rosary. how can I get one?

  • Your Answear is the LORD MOST HIGH ABD HIS DIN JESUS!!!
    all virgens and saints are dead and the dead is dead.
    The devil has graved all those liers, and, so, the sin is offence to OUR GOD…HE will judge that brood if vipers

  • I love saying this rosary 7×3 I say it several times a day I pray for holy souls as we may be one ourselves someday. I promote it as much as I can.

    • thank you

  • Where can I buy the 7 Bead Rosary? I Want to. Buy one

  • Vito
    The Saints are not dead, they are Saints, perfect according to God’s will when He says: “Be perfect because I, your Father am perfect”, therefore they are in the most infinite Joy because they are in the Presence of God, if not, how do you explain that during “The Transfiguration” His clothes turned white and on one side they saw Elijah and on the other side Moses, did they wake them up all of a sudden? No,don’t believe me, trust God and ask Him. Blessings and peace be with us my brother in Christ. Thank you for reading my comment.

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