Satan is always seeking to gain the advantage. But Our Lady says the best way to protect yourself is to pray the right way. These are the people Satan leaves alone because they have put on the armor of Prayer!! Praying the right way chases the devil away!

Vicka understands that Our Lady’s most urgent message is for all the people of the world to pray more often and to especially pray with the heart. But Vicka is concerned that many people do not pray the right way and because of this she gives pilgrims concrete advice.

Vicka says: “Many times, when we have a cross we could offer Him, we instead pray this way: ‘Lord, please remove that cross from my shoulders, it’s heavy, I can’t take it. Why is this cross given to me and not to someone else?’

No! This is not the right way to pray! Our Lady says we should rather tell Him: ‘Lord, I thank you for this cross, I thank you for this great gift You are giving me!’

“Very few are the people who understand the great value of the cross and the great value of the gift of our crosses when they are offered to Jesus. We can learn so much through this gift of a cross!

In this time of trial, we must understand from the heart how much Jesus loves us all and we should walk by His side with great love.

We should try to be united with Him in His passion. This is the sacrifice that is expected from us.

Let’s walk this way, and then when the day of Easter comes with the Resurrection, we won’t look at the Resurrection from outside

but we will also be resurrected with Jesus, because we will have become free inside of us, free from ourselves and all our attachments.

We will be able to live His love and His Resurrection inside of us! Isn’t this a beautiful thing?