“Medjugorje loves Italy” A gesture of great affection by a young woman from Medjugorje to Italy.

A gesture of great affection by a young woman from Medjugorje to our country, which is suffering so much because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Italian flag placed at the foot of the Madonna in Medjugorje


“Medjugorje loves Italy”, to make the beautiful gesture, is a young woman named Ivana born in Medjugorje. Today he marries a boy, originally from Carpi, in the province of Modena, the mother of two children, both born in Italy, and a sociologist. With his family he lives between Italy and Medjugorje.

Shortly before the Coronavirus emergency exploded, she had already packed her bags to return to Italy, together with her husband and children. But in the end they don’t leave, as he tells us in his video testimony that reaches the hearts of many faithful lovers of the Madonna.


Testimony of Ivana from Medjugorje

“Fortunately we stayed here. In Medjugorje, I feel on a rock, where the Coronavirus if God wants, will not arrive. People pray every day, go up the hill, to the mountain, even if the Mass is suspended, there is an air of prayer, fasting, renunciation. It is a Lent in the middle percent.

Today to show my affection for Italy, where there is a piece of my heart, because my children were born there, there I lived the most beautiful moments of my life, I attached this flag to the feet of the Madonna. I ask you for intercession right now for all of Italy.
In particular, my thoughts go to the elderly, to the sick who are in hospitals, alone, who suffer. The elderly must be respected their life is the same as that of the young.


Ivana turns to the friends of the Costola Rosa

La Costola Rosa is a movement of women, in Italy and in other countries, who look to Mary as a model, and allow themselves to be guided by her to discover their identity as daughter, bride and mother.

“I had asked Simona to participate in the seminar aimed at women (an annual retreat organized in Medjugorje by Costola Rosa) – continues Ivana – because I love the topic of women, I put all my heart into it. And I rely on this great woman who is behind me , an example for all of us (refers to the statue of the Madonna that is located in the square of the church of San Giacomo).

I wanted to participate in your seminar, Simona had given me the ok. But then the seminar was moved (due to the Coronavirus). But it does nothing. Girls we will see you soon in Medjugorje, stronger than before, tried by the Faith as St. James, patron of Medjugorje. He says the test is good, because it is in the test that our faith is born, grows. “

Our intentions delivered to the Madonna in Medjugorje

Blue Cross in Medjugorje and the entrustment of Italy and all prayer intentions

Finally Ivana invited all her friends to send her a message with their own intentions, to bring them to the Madonna. And so he did. He brought the prayers of each one to the Gospa at the Blue Cross.

Thanks Ivana! We reciprocate the embrace and we also say “see you soon” !!!

Simona Amabene