The following is from Ivan’s apparition on Saturday, October 28, 2023:

Ivan said:

“Our Lady came visibly concerned, especially in these days of war, war in Her homeland, war where She is from. 

She greeted all of us with Her motherly greeting, ‘Praised be Jesus, my dear children.’

“And after that, She raised her gaze upon all of us. 

She extended Her hands, and She prayed over each one of us for a longer time. 

And after that, She especially prayed over all of the priests present here. 

And after that, She prayed over those here who are sick, and she said,

“My dear children, thank you also today for having responded to my call. 

Thank you, my dear children, that you are praying together with me for peace in this time of great restlessness. 

Pray, my dear children, and be persistent in your prayers. 

Your mother is with you, and I am praying for all of you and interceding for you before my Son.  Thank you, my dear children, for having responded to my call.”

“After that, Our Lady gave Her motherly blessing to all of us, and She blessed all of those things which you brought to be blessed. 

I recommended all of you and all of your needs, your families, and, in a special way, all of the sick and all of the priests present here. 

And after that, Our Lady remained for a bit and prayed for a time especially for peace. 

And in that prayer, Our Lady departed in a light and in the Sign of the Cross with the greeting, ‘Go in peace, my dear children.’”

Ivan then requested that the messages of October 20 and October 25, 2023 be read aloud. 

Here is the Extraordinary Message to Ivan for October 20, 2023:

Dear children,  today I invite you to pray for peace,  in this time,  peace is being threatened and I ask you to renew fasting and prayer in your families and to encourage others to pray for peace. 

Dear children,  I wish you to understand the seriousness of the situation and that much of what happens depends on your prayers. 

Dear children,  I am with you and I invite you to seriously begin to pray and fast. 


Thank you for also responding to my call today. 

Here is the October 25, 2023 Monthly Message to Visionary Marija:

“Dear Children! The winds of evil, hatred and unrest blow across the land to destroy lives. That is why the most high sent me to you to lead you towards the path of peace and unity with God and people.  You, little children, are my outstretched hands: pray, fast, and offer sacrifices for peace. A treasure that every heart longs for.   Thank you for answering my call.”

After this Ivan said:

“My dear friends, I hope that we will all respond to Our Lady’s invitation, that we will accept Her messages, and that we will be co-creators of a better and more beautiful world, and so Our Mother directs Her eyes and Her gaze to Her children, to those children who are responding to Her call. 

Let us tonight be Her new apostles, who will carry the message, the good news to this tired world, and the only one that can be an apostle is the one who lives that message. 

Only they can give that message to others. Let us not seek external signs so that we see something, so that we touch something, and then we say, ‘Okay, now I believe, because I have now seen,’ but what Our Lady is asking from all of us today is that we be that living sign, the sign of a living faith. 

We all must be happy that Our Mother is with us and that Her Son has allowed Her to remain with us as long as She has.”

Medjugorje visionary Ivan has daily apparitions even now.