Medjugorje. Sister Emmanuel tells of a new miracle of the Rosary!

Source: Sr. Emmanuel Newsletter

 A miracle of the Rosary. Donatella, a 45-year-old cook, had a difficult start in life. In Milan, both her parents were dug addicts, irresponsible, and unable to raise her. What she suffered in her childhood simply cannot be told. Saved by her grandmother who took her to the Abruzzo region (Italy), she began a normal life and got married. However, having no faith, she felt within her an emptiness that was all the more profound because her childhood wounds weighed upon her. She was always sad. She was missing something essential. In addition, she could not have any children and was unemployed.She then began to visit soothsayers and witches, hoping to find meaning in her life. She saw her sadness increase until the day she decided to end her life.

But the Lord sent her an angel in the person of her neighbor, who saw that she looked peculiar that day. She understood her distress and advised her to go and see a priest, a certain Don Michele, in whom she confided and to whom she confessed. He was part of the Renewal in the Spirit.

He was able to understand her and prayed for her. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey with God. Donatella had to undergo exorcisms for several months to be completely free. She also discovered that a spell had been pronounced on her, and this curse was eliminated.In 2010, after listening to a CD about Medjugorje, she decided to go there.

For her, this was a bolt of light. She discovered in Mary the maternal tenderness she had never received, she met a real Mom who was full of love, took her under her mantle and never left her.From that moment she felt the need to pray a great deal, especially the Rosary, of course together with the daily Mass and the sacraments. The Rosary prayer flowed in her heart all day, as if the Blessed Virgin wanted to restore within her the integrity of her wounded identity resulting from maternal absence during her childhood. Donatella decided to pray the four mysteries of the Rosary every day. Like all “survivors of Mercy”, she did not skimp in glorifying heaven!

One of the first miracles was that, although medically sterile, she gave birth to two children. She was becoming increasingly happy.But one day, an unexpected ordeal befell her. Her husband had left his mobile phone at home. As she glanced at it, she realized that her husband was cheating on her. She found some disturbing messages.

This was a very cruel shock, for she had never suspected her husband. She immediately summoned her Mother from Heaven and, without losing her composure, decided to forgive him, before even confronting him. Paying no attention to her broken heart, she designed a plan of reconciliation inspired by the Mother of God: she called her husband, remained calm as if nothing were happening, and told him that they should go have dinner together that evening in a pizzeria.

When they were seated at the table, she revealed her discovery to her husband, saying without bitterness that she forgave him and that they would start a new path together, without this other woman. She also went to see the mistress and said: “You have a family, two children, focus on your family and leave my husband alone! I forgive you, but don’t do it again!”This is how this affair ended in peace, with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary who took care of the case smoothly, without hatred and without crisis. A family was saved from the plan of destruction that the evil one had on it!

Donatella told us that if one day she is unable to pray her four rosaries, she gets up at night to finish them. And yet she doesn’t exactly have a lot of free time, with a husband, two children, a job as a cook in a restaurant together with the house work! Her love for Mary is extraordinary, she never refuses her anything. And what fruits she can harvest!She concludes in saying: “Never doubt the merciful love of God, he is our Father and loves us with immense love.

He is always ready to give us mercy and to draw us into His arms. True freedom is in Him!”3.  Love reveals a secret! Only love makes suffering bearable, for Jesus suffers with us. Love reveals a secret, that of true union and intimacy with Him in suffering. For Jesus, it is His way of taking the load off His children who don’t know Him.  He shares His desire for the salvation of each of His children with His friends who understand the pains of His delicate Heart. Few people understand His way of sharing His love. Few understand how rich suffering can be when experienced with love. It is a profound sharing of the heart of Jesus with ours.