Will the sign of Medjugorje Appear after Russian Moves on Rome?

source Fr. Livio’s blog

 Dear Father Livio, thank you very much for the love that Radio Maria puts every day into the task of training the apostles of the love of the Queen of Peace. I listened to his recent Christian reading of the news and history with the commentary on the secrets of Fatima in the light of the messages of Medjugorje.

 These seem to indicate in the current system of Russian religious political power the satanic instrument tending to destroy our human life, nature and the planet on which we live, bringing destruction to many nations and persecution to the Roman Catholic Church.

Putin, blaming the West for devising opportunities for conflict and opposing “strong and sovereign Russia”, threatens the use of nuclear weapons leading to “the destruction of civilization”.

You, Father, also mentioned the geo-political situation, with the possibility that Russian penetration towards the West (considered heretical) will take place starting from Ukraine towards Transnistria and Moldova.

Does the most direct “road” towards the Adriatic Sea and, therefore, towards Rome pass through the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina? Doesn’t Putin perhaps say that Italy “has always been close to us” and feels “at ease” there?

But following this “path” of penetration, don’t we perhaps encounter the Marian bastion of Medjugorje? What does Father Livio think of these geo-political suggestions linked to Medjugorje? Thank you and a fraternal hug to you and to all of Radio Maria.

Giovanni Gelli

Comacchio (Ferrara)

Dear John,

the fear of a war involving the whole of Europe is now the order of the day and much will depend on the willingness of the USA to help Europe as they did in the last century, given that the confrontation with China could distract them.

In fact, Putin’s program is to restore the Russian empire starting from Ukraine and then extending it to all of Eastern Europe, reserving a protectorate over Western Europe.

However, for the empire to acquire a configuration of universality and, in perspective, global hegemony, the annexation of Italy and the coronation of the Patriarch of Moscow as Pontiff in Rome were necessary.

In this case, Russia’s supremacy at the center of the world would be assured, as the USA and China would remain on the margins.

Obviously we are faced with crazy prospects that are already bringing humanity to the brink of an abyss of no return.

There is no doubt that the sign on the hill of Medjugorje and the revelation of the events of three days will disrupt the plans of the powerful and will manifest the lordship of Mary before the eyes of the whole world, with an increasing progression until her complete triumph.

In fact, the Russian people have Christian roots and are able to understand the meaning of the intervention of the Queen of Peace to prevent “the destructive war” with which Satan wants to destroy the world and take possession of souls.

The sign of Medjugorje will be a warning but also a sign of hope to stop, before the catastrophe, yet another war between Christians in Europe.

Ave Maria

Father Livio